Some late vows…


And… wow. The same image restored by Lisa Ashby. What a terrific job by a very talented lady!

Here’s a fun thing I’ve been meaning to share for ages, but haven’t actually got around to, sadly – things are so busy at the moment, I’m having difficulty fitting stuff in, but hopefully soon the rush will ease off…

For Black Country Day which was on July 14th, friend of the blog and long time supporter Lisa Ashby created a lovely photomontage video of Brownhills and other images and posted it on YouTube. I’ve been meaning to post it here for ages, as it’s a lovely thing.

This is of course intertwined with the whole debate on what is the Black Country anyway?

Lisa said this about her work:

I made this video in honour of Black Country Day with a cheeky homage to The Black Country, old and new pictures of Brownhills and some family photos.

Photos of: Brownhills High Street; Local School; Grove Pit (including the memorial to the Grove Pit Disaster and the funeral procession); Brownhills Gas Works and the Canal. Credit – public domain, Jason Ashby and myself. Thanks also to Brownhills Bob who kindly asked me to restore a couple of pictures which I used on the video

Family photos include: Grandparents; mum and dad on their wedding day; me as a child; aunts and uncles as young children. Credit – myself

Black Country photos: Teet Shirts and public domain.

Music by The Empty Can – still available on iTunes

Thanks to Lisa for sharing a lovely piece of work, and I hear she’s working on something else which should be… interesting!

Lisa is available to carry out restorations of images for anyone who’d like projects undertaken, and if you drop me a line I’ll hook you up. Lisa’s previous remarkable work can be seen at this article here and her stunning restoration of the Royal Oak image a few years ago.

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