Flying into history


A framed Express & Star image of Brownhills from the late 1960s, anyone date it precisely? Image shared to Facebook by Steve Martin.

Reader and regular in the popular and fascinating Old photos from Hednesford, Chadsmoor and Cannock group on Facebook, Steve Martin has done something rather wonderful he’s been generous enough to share with readers of the blog.

It all started last weekend, when Steve posted an aerial image of Brownhills, taken from above the Pelsall Road area in the late 1960s, which I’ve included above. Now, Steve is an accomplished drone photographer with some great gear, and he decided to see if he could get the same image today, showing all the changes in the 35-40 years since.

I think you’ll agree the result is wonderful.


Such a wonderful, clear image – and it shows something I’ve been going on about for years – how very green our area actually is. Image kindly shared by Steve Martin.

Steve also compiled the following excellent video of our town from the air – the quality of images and video is stunning. Just how magical is this? Drones are clearly wonderfully useful things, and get excellent results in skilled hands.

Steve is an ex-Brownhills resident, and his work can often be seen of other areas – particularly Cannock Chase – on the Cannock old pictures group, where he’s also available for chat and further enquiries.

Steve’s family had the chip shop that used to be on the Lichfield Road, Brownhills for a while, and Steve has great memories of the Lichfield Road area, of which I’m currently looking for old images if you know to any, please do get in touch.

Thanks to Steve for a stunning collection of material and a wonderful application of new technology in a historic context. Steve’s email is in the video above, or contact me and I’ll pass it on. You can hook up with him on Facebook here.

Check out the gallery of images from the flight below – and if you have anything to add – particularly the date of the original image – please do get in touch.

Comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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3 Responses to Flying into history

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    A big thankyou to Steve for sharing these amazing images with readers. The black and white photo..I would think it was taken just before 1967 as the pitch roof of the then new Silver Street Methodist church can be made out…but their car park park is missing. I hope that church , when it celebrates its 50th year next year, will produce a historically memorable booklet which we can share on your blog
    Generosity of time , effort and spirit is one of the hallmarks of your outstanding blog, Bob.

    Kind regards

  2. kevinjones21 says:

    Magnificent images and some great flying! Well done Steve for making the film and thanks to Bob for sharing it.

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