Can you help Aer Reg with these mystery photos?


Image very kindly donated by Reg “Are Reg’ Fullelove from his collection.

Oh yes – catching up with last weeks email (yes, times are that stretched, sorry) I noted these images had dropped into my inbox from David Evans – they’d been generously donated by Reg ‘Aer Reg’ Fullelove, and he doesn’t know much about them.

David said:

Hi Bob

Aer Reg has kindly offered these amazing images to the blog.

They were taken, he believes, before the time of the First World War, in or around Hednesford and offer a glimpse of life in times gone by.

But, I wonder if readers can help to solve the mystery of where and when they were taken, and what the event actually was?

Kind regards
David Evans

Now, far be it from me to differ with Reg, but these look closer to 1930s to me, but I could very well be wrong. Does anyone out there (possibly in the Cannock/Hednesford/Norton contingent who I know read the blog) recognise them?

It’s clearly some kind of camping event. This picture is curious, with some of the group stood in a stream. Anyone recognise the bridge?


Image very kindly donated by Reg “Are Reg’ Fullelove from his collection.

‘Hednesford CCC’ is mentioned on the one poster, (M?)arionettes on another. Note the stockings hanging on the line, too.

Thanks to Reg for a wonderful donation yet again, and a quick message to him: Sorry old chap, I’ve lots of your material to come. Time has been tight. I’ll try and get more up in coming weeks, promise – nothing is wasted, and I so love sharing the things you so kindly donate. Please forgive my tardiness.

In the meantime, if you can help, please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail do com. Cheers.


Image very kindly donated by Reg “Are Reg’ Fullelove from his collection.


Image very kindly donated by Reg “Are Reg’ Fullelove from his collection.


Image very kindly donated by Reg “Are Reg’ Fullelove from his collection.

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7 Responses to Can you help Aer Reg with these mystery photos?

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    Lichfield Mercury 6 Aug 1915
    … Over 40 members of the Hednesford Clarion Cycling Club are spending this weekend camping out at Alton … male members to assist local farmers.
    The same club also held a 25 mile time trial in 1935 (LM 31 May).
    In 1937 the same club gave a cycling exhibition at the Chase Carnival, where, incidentally,”the world’s strong man”, a Mr Humphries of Brownhills, gave various exhibitions of his strength (LM 25 June).
    There are some other articles about the Hednesford CCC, but only that 1915 piece about camping.
    In the picture with the buckets the woman’s hat and hairstyle lokk more 1930s than Edwardian. Same goes for the hat in front row in the tent picture.

  2. Alan H says:

    Skirt lengths indicate a time somewhat later than WW I, I think.

  3. aerreg says:

    thanks andy yome a good un keep up the good work and also david for his patience

  4. Linda says:

    Harry Wilding’s Champion Marionette Theatre
    Harry’s Father had a marionette show (the skeleton puppet used in Wilding’s … between Cannock and Hednesford to be exact, where he continued to live in his

  5. Linda says:

    Harry Wilding’s Marionettes II – Glenn Holden
    A Marionette by Harry Wilding – … home at the Museum of Cannock Chase in Hednesford, Staffordshire, the town where Harry Wilding lived for most of his lif

    • Pedro says:

      Great discovery. However reading the link there is an astounding assertion…

      “In his long and varied career, Harry Wilding visited almost every country in the world, including France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland and Russia along with almost every Town and City in Britain.”

      I cannot find any evidence to support this! In January 1878 he advertised for a Figure Worker and Speaker in the London paper “The Era”; he was based in Spon Lane, West Bromwich.

      1907 he was performing locally.

  6. Rob Pitcher says:

    I gave these photos to Reg, my late wife’s parents are in the photos, they were members of the Clarion Cycle Club

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