Over the bridge

Margaret Ann Preston 16 Years Canal Bridge near Brownhills

Margaret Ann Preston with a rather familiar view behind her. Image kindly donated by Paul Anslow.

The ongoing thread over Ogley Locks and Warehouse Bridge over the old line at Barracks Lane continues – and I’ve had a fabulous donation from Paul Anslow (no, not that one) who lives in Sydney, Australia but originally came from Lichfield.

Paul sent me the above wonderful picture, and said the following:

Hello Bob,

I noticed a photo in your Pound Signs post, of Ogley Locks, Whitsun 1958.

I have a photo of my mother taken around 1952 sitting on a bridge railing that looks similar, see attached.


Paul Anslow
Sydney Australia
Originally from Lichfield England.

Thanks, Paul that’s wonderful. those would be the hills of Hammerwich beyond, I think, and if I’m not mistaken in the archive photo that’s the church on the skyline? I guess that would be behind Margaret in the picture above.

Thanks for a fine donation, Paul. Are you related to the other notable Anslow chaps of the parish perhaps?

The lost canal featured here is now referred to as the Lichfield Canal and is being restored as part of the Lichfield and Hatherton project, carried out by dedicated enthusiasts.

Please feel free to comment or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Ogley Locks, Whitsun 1958.

Ogley Locks, Whitsun 1958.

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  1. aerreg says:

    this afternoon i have revisited my old days of the chemical the locks barracks lane warren farm the world of my childhood gone are my sunday night walks with mom and dad play days and dancing years and school days and realised how how fast our modern world has travelled i saw still traccess of the old days here and there it made me realise what a wonderful job and hours of pleasure your column and reserchers bring yes we cannot live in past but its great to live by the past of good old brownhils yester year because without the past there would be no future and its bostin to say i remember when god bless from aer reg

  2. morturn says:

    What an utterly delightful picture that just captures a very special moment in time. This picture tells us so much without words, and yet it also elicits so many questions. What was she thinking about at the time this photo was taken, who was she with, what were her hopes and dreams, how did her life pan out….

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