Fancy an indian?

It’s a cracking Indian summer – the sun is unbelievably warm, the air clear and nature is having a bit of a freakout. Although it’s clearly autumn now, everything looks beautiful in the wonderfully soft light we seem to have. Unable to stay at home, I headed out to the Chase yet again, and explored Brocton and the Sherbrook Valley yet again. I’m so over the end of summer. This autumn is a stunner. As usual, there’s more on my 365daysofbiking journal.

The old railway line, near Engine Lane, Brownhills. 1:05pm, Thurdays, 29th September 2011.

Pye Green communications tower is now looking a little bare with the gradual dismantling of the microwave backbone.2:03pm, Thurdays, 29th September 2011.

Cannock Chase was looking fabulous. Overlooking the Sherbrook Valley from Brocton Field. 3:10pm, Thurdays, 29th September 2011.

The trail was riding well today - and hardly anyone about heading toward Brocton Coppice. 3:15pm, Thurdays, 29th September 2011.

The canal near Shugborough was a shady, green haven. 4:37pm, Thurdays, 29th September 2011.

This boater's dog found a suitably cool place to doze the day away. 5:11pm, Thurdays, 29th September 2011.

They cut into the hill. Weathered rock in Bardy Lane, Upper Longdon. 5.46pm, Thurdays, 29th September 2011.

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  1. Hi Bob, I didn’t know anything about the microwave backbone. Thanks to you for the nudge, I’ve come across this interesting reading

    Do you know what’s planned for the tower once the backbone’s dismantled? Surely not being demolished? — It’s as iconic as the windmill by Riddians Bridge in Aldridge. Oh, that’s in the future 😉

  2. Beautiful tribute to Autumn. Love the dog, and the light in the pictures. I notice the Pye Tower seems to be undergoing the same fate as the BT tower in London…all microwave technology being taken down?

  3. steve says:

    Hi, my school run 6 days a week takes me from Heath Hayes to Lichfield and normally i travel via cannock wood/upper longdon/chorley.

    on that route is “Dollymakers hill”

    any ideas how it got its name?


  4. David Evans says:

    HI Steve
    possibly corn dollies, made to celebrate harvest time..pre-christian connection ?
    David Evans

    Also another kind of wooden “dollies” were used in wash tubs pre-washing machines..a sort of wooden prongs attached to end of spade handle..turning washing in a tub

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