Before putting you all out of your misery, I thought I’d share another bunch of images  from the archive we’ve found courtesy of Kate Cardigan from Lichfield Lore.

There are some wonderful ones here. I’m particularly interested in Aldridge Brixancole, The Former Brewery, Harden Hall and the former Station. Where were they all? Given this archive’s creative approach to location, don’t put too much store by location descriptions which I quote verbatim.

Feel free to comment, here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

All will be revealed soon. Comments welcome!

Untitled 9

‘Erdington Road, Aldridge, 1960’. Source to be credited later.

Untitled 14

‘Former Brewery, Burntwood 1966’. Source to be credited later.

Untitled 13

‘Harden Hall. 1946’. Source to be credited later.

Untitled 9

‘Aldridge Brixancole works. 1963’. Source to be credited later.

Untitled 12

‘High Street, Walsall, Carlton Hotel. 1962’. Source to be credited later.

Untitled 11

‘Walsall. Former railway station. 1971’. Source to be credited later.

Untitled 10

‘Little Aston Mill. 1967’. Source to be credited later.

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  1. Pedro says:

    The last picture of Little Aston Mill from 1967 is interesting. You can see from Bing Maps how the modern building has kept a lot of the old features. I wonder who lives in a place like it is now?

    The Mill is only a spit away from where the father of William Roberts was a farmer at Hill Hook.
    (1841 census.)

  2. Pedro says:

    Staffordshire Blues

    The Aldridge Brixancole long since became Barnet and Beddows ….

  3. morturn says:

    Delighted to see a picture of the original Walsall Railway Station, designed by Edward Adams for John McClean. You can see how similar it looks like the original Lichfield Station.

  4. Clive says:

    I’m no expert, but, the photo of Walsall railway station, is not the station that was in Park street, it looks like rail mail sorting office located some where, but where!

    • Pedro says:

      At first sight the sketch posted Morturn could be likened to the picture from 1971, however the central portion of the building modern picture seems much longer.

      Black Country history says the railway first came to Walsall in 1837 when the station was located in Bescot, and became known as ‘Bescot Bridge’. Coaches ran from Bescot to Walsall.

      In 1849 a station was built in Station Street, Walsall.

  5. Ian Pell says:

    The photograph of Walsall Station is indeed the original South Staffordshire Railway station building located around the corner from Park Street. The buildings were continued to be used after completion of the “rotunda” building which was located in Park Street, The Pry Street entrance was fronted with a canopy which was “stored” by Walsall Council when the building was demolished for the Saddler Centre development. The whereabouts or fate of the canopy is still the subject of much debate and speculation evem today!
    The original Walsall building was indeed similar to the original Lichfield station which itself was replaced with a replacement station to the south of the original when the Sutton Coldfield line was completed. Some books have incorrectly believed this engraving to show the original station on the Trent Valley Main line. Incidentally, you may also note the designs are similar to the Queen Mary’s Girls School (corner of Lichfield Road and the arborutem) which was also designed by Edward Adams. Queen Mary’s and its governers had close ties with the railway.
    Returning to the original Station Street facade, the building were indeed used for parcels for a considerable number of years being replaced by a brick built “parcels hut” in the mid-1970;s. This eventually formed access to the re-opened platform for Rugeley line trains.
    Kind regards

  6. Ian Pell says:

    “Pry” should read “Park”

  7. Clive says:

    Ok Ian, now i understand, so the photo would of been taken in Station street, which would be along the side of the railway station. thanks for the info, cheers.

  8. Pedro says:

    For 1875 Obituary for Edward Adams, Architect see Grace’s Guide. He certainly wasn’t short of work when involved with McClean and Chawner!

  9. Pedro says:

    So where was Harden Hall situated?

  10. Ian Pell says:

    Hi folk
    Harden Hall I believe is actually “Arden Hall”, Bredbury, Cheshire. it was a 1597 Tudor house overlooking the Mersey. It was owned by a “junior” branch of the Arden’s of Warwickshire. By the early 1800’s it had become a farmhouse, having been sold by the family. In the period 1823-33 it was described as “falling into decay” and by 1866 it had become roofless and parts of the walls had collapsed. The ruins I believe still exist today as part of a housing develpoment. An 1795 engraving of the hall is held in the RIBA collection.
    Kind regards

    • Pedro says:

      And there’s me looking on the 1880s OS Map around Harden and the Peasure Gardens.

      Gosh, what is the Xmas Quiz going to be like this year!?

    • Hi Ian and all

      Hate to disagree here, but I have reason to believe very strongly this is actually a Walsall photo.

      Hopefully, Kate Cardigan is passing, as I believe she knows more.

      I could be wrong, and often am, but I’d be surprised indeed were this not a walsall image.


      • Pedro says:

        When Ian mentioned this I checked the image and it is so distinctive that it must be Arden Hall. can’t see any mention of anything like this around Walsall!

  11. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    I dont recognise the HIgh Walsall photo or recall that hotel. Was the Punch and Judy pub on the corner or is the photo higher up the street? ….Erdington rd photo looks to be right..

  12. Ian Pell says:

    The Carlton Hotel was noted for its distictive dome. It was situated slightly lower on the High Street that the Punch and Judy, on the same side, but before the kink in the road as it heads down hill towards Park Street, etc:-

  13. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    the Aldridge brixandcoal photo….I cant recall such a high structure..

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  16. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I dont recognise the former brewery in Burntwood……

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