Catshill Junction bridge – progress, sort of


The ‘repair’ on Wednesday evening, 17th September 2015. Image from reader Clive.

Much to my surprise, the Canal and River Trust have got moving and effected a repair to the hazardous step from the bridge deck of Catshill Junction Bridge in Brownhills, that I somewhat wryly commented on here a couple of days ago.

The quality of the repair is concerning, and I’m not sure if it’s intended to be temporary or permanent: whichever, I suspect it will be temporary either way as it looks likely to erode away fairly quickly. I shall ask on twatter to check the status and see if something batter is planned.

However, it’s much better than before, and I thank the Trust for taking swift action and being good to their word.

Thanks also to reader Clive who spotted chaps from the C&RT photographing the bridge this morning and alerted me by email. Reader help like this is invaluable. Cheers.

I’ll chase them up tomorrow and see what they say.


How it was earlier in the week: this step has seen a few come a cropper.

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  1. colin lawrie says:

    I walk over there every day and I thought last night how poor the work was. Can only think its temporary as no one would leave it like that.

  2. According to the Canal and River Trust just now, it’s temporary.

    See here


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