Moron of the week

Thursday, 6th June 2013. Walsall, Arboretum junction at about 5:30pm. This stuff really, really annoys me.

This guy – clearly old enough to know better, clearly thinks traffic signals and stop lines don’t apply to him. Motorists see this behaviour, and tar all of us with the same brush. Is the 3 seconds gained really worth acting like an utter cock?

If know this rider, please have a word. When moving, his road position is awful, and he’ll get into a scrape eventually. Manners cost nothing and I’m fed up of seeing cyclists of an age that should know better acting like selfish children.

Having said all this, the same goes for the charming lady in the red car who stood on her horn behind me on the Chester Road the day before because I had the temerity to be in her way, or the van driver who cut me up on Monday and shouted abuse.

Still, he was perfectly safe – he was wearing a helmet.


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  1. stymaster says:

    I’ve said it before, try to do it myself when cycling, and see you do it: Cyclists should behave like they are driving a very small, vulnerable vehicle- become part of the traffic (and of course, other drivers should respect this when they do). Roads are a shared space, and have rules we should all obey. The sooner all road users gain an bit of sense and thought, the better.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Same road junction.Friday afternoon around 3 p.m.. A Motorcyclist on a Kamikazi Special skimmed at one finger’s length away along queue of cars which then moved forward and reduced his “re-entry” space, putting him very, very close to the rear of a cement-mixer truck and causing him to break sharply.. He was sporting an orange “Motorcycle Instructor ” vest for all to admire!

  3. Jamil says:

    You were there on the scene filming him, why didn’t you have a word with him?

    • The camera is attached to the bike, and runs autonomously. I did actually shout as he went past, and during the boring bit where it’s edited, but he took absolutely no notice. My usual policy is to catch up with riders that do that, and remonstrate. But, I had 40lbs of luggage, was tired and got stuck in traffic and never caught him up.

      I always challenge behaviour like that when I can, e.g.
      And suspect I’ve had the matter out with this one before.

      I’m another road user, with traffic behind me, not Robocop. You do what you can.


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