The BOAK building from the air, 1921

Central Walsall in 1921, as captured by Aerofilms. The railway sidings stood where the Saddlers Centre does today, and Park Street cuts diagonally across the top righthand corner. The BOAK factory is highlighted. Image spotted by Michael Edwards, and featured on the Britain from the Air site.

Lovely email from ex-pat Canada resident Michael Edwards, late of this parish. Spotting the news of the dreadful fire that destroyed the beautiful old BOAK Ravenscraig works in Station Street earlier in the week, he found the above image on the Britain from the Air website, featured here earlier this year.

Michael wrote:

Hello B-B, Michael here in Canada.

Came across this 1921 photograph of the Walsall railway station and goods yard. The BOAK factory is in the shot, on Bridgeman Street.

I got this from the same British Heritage site you mentioned (thanks) in one of your blogs.

You could perhaps locate a higher res image than this one.

[Sadly, that’s the largest one without purchasing it and rescanning – Bob]

The complete lack of respect for heritage buildings like BOAK staggers me. I don’t live in the past, but these buildings are important touchstones to our history.

Many, many thanks for your extensive blog. I must say, you are a touchstone for me and my long ago Clayhanger days.

Mucho. Michael Edwards

It’s always great to hear from Michael, thanks to him for this wonderful image. Hope the weather is a bit more summery for you than it is for us, old chap.

It just goes to show what’s out there with a bit of lateral thinking employed. Cheers.

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  1. Fawlty says:

    Good old photo. The resolution is in fact quite good, so if you click on the photo and then zoom in using Ctrl+ (Firefox browser), you can get quite a bit more detail.

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