Kite runner

I’ve been following the work of Aldridge photographer Barry Carpenter for a while – his flickr photostream is a wonderfully diverse portfolio of images. However, Barry has a quite special photographic technique that he employs. He attaches a camera to a kite, and photographs the view. I’ve been meaning to share these images for a while, taken last autumn on Clayhanger Common.

Click on each image to go to flickr, where you can see the full size images. If Barry is reading this, I’d love to run a profile old chap. How about it?

Brownhills KAP 2010-10-27_00006
Brownhills KAP 2010-10-27_00005
Brownhills KAP 2010-10-27_00003
Brownhills KAP 2010-10-27_00010
Aldridge Airport 2010-10-20_00001

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11 Responses to Kite runner

  1. David Quinn says:

    Great images. Such a different perspective on the place from up there. Nice work Barry!

  2. Mick_P says:

    You know, I’ve often thought about doing this, or else using a decent-sized helium balloon (or a bunch of party balloons). It’s inspired me to get on with it.

  3. D.Evans says:

    beautiful, stunning photos! Thanks for sharing them.I wondered what was going on when I saw that kite.
    Does anyone have photos of this popular pastime of kite-flying on the Walsall Wood Common , near Holly Lane, in the 1950s? The kites then were made of brown paper and string, with long newspaper tails! Another hobby that was lost when new houses were built there . Was this pastime popular in Brownhills at that time?
    Kind regards D. Evans

  4. CAZ says:

    what a clever man, the photo’s are fantastic.

    D.Evans, l remember the homemade kites, made from 2 sticks and newspaper tails. l also remember dad making us a go cart with oddments of wood and old pram wheels and home made stilts or walking on old tin cans with string handles. those were the days…no playstations or x boxes then.

  5. D.Evans says:

    then there was tipcat ..hopscotch.. goldfish ..or a balloon from the rag and bone man, and the fair on Salters Road. Who was the old man who danced for pennies to a wind-up record-player in Walsall Wood?
    Real, unforgetable characters and good fun!
    Kind regards, D Evans

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  8. Barry the Kite Man says:

    I’m the kite man, the one with the camera looking down on the world. If you ever see an older chap playing with big kites, please do come over and chat. I’m always willing to talk about Kite Aerial Photography or KAP for short.


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