The thrill of The Chase…

Thought I’d share another couple of ride videos I took on Sunday. The first is just comical, and is typical of life on the roads on a Sunday afternoon. Swing out wide to avoid surprisingly young girl with horse – a very real danger if it’s nervous – only to pull back in and then have to contend with Mrs. Indecisive and her four-wheel drive.

Secondly, is the journey across Cannock Chase, from Wandon, behind the campsite, to Moor’s Gorse, largely on Marquis Drive. This is a fun, knockabout run, but requires confidence and familiarity with the route. Bear in mind this is on a road, rather than mountain bike.



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  2. john webster says:

    good quality videos bob..keep them coming. its a new way for me to excersise..

  3. Facade66 says:

    At the risk of being labelled sexist, rather than observationalist, this happens to me all the time too, women look, stare at you, stare at you, stare at you, stare at you and then pull out when it is no longer safe to do so, forcing you to brake.
    A man on the other hand, will glance once and either
    a) pull out straight away regardless of where you are.
    b) wait for you to pass.

    It is part of normal observation to clock the sex of other drivers and react accordingly 🙂

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  5. JeepBoy says:

    It’s not their sex that counts it’s the fact they drive a 4×4

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