Walsall Wood, 1902

A beautifully detailed map featuring a landscape long since past. Download the .PDF version (link below) for greatest detail. Scan kindly supplied by Steve Hickman.

Last week, blog regular and top local history buff Steve Hickman sent me a .PDF scan of a remarkable map. The sheet shows Walsall Wood, I’m fairly certain at 1:2500 scale and is dated 1902, although the footnotes say it was surveyed n 1882. I can personally recommend reading the key at the bottom, there’s some wonderful stuff in there. This is the second, larger sheet referred to when I posted Steve’s previous Ordnance Survey sheet of Stonnall.

I thank Steve for his dedication, generosity and community spirit; I’d also like to point out that there’s more fascinating information to come about William Taylor and his fine craftsmanship.

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  5. BEV says:

    Learnt something new today from these maps in 1880s my family were living in Occupation rd which I presumed was in the same place it is today, later in 1911 they show up on the census in Beech Tree road, however looking at your maps has shown that Beech Tree road was formerly called Occupation Road -very strange wonder why the change.

    • pedro says:

      Somewhere on the Blog, I can’t locate at the minute, this has been mentioned.

      From memory the were at least 2 roads with the same name, one of them being Occupation Road. At one of the Council meetings, maybe around 1900, it was decided to change the duplicated names to avoid confusion.

      Regards Peter

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  7. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    This map shows The large Ebenezer primitive Methodist building which was opened in November 1891…suggesting a later survey date than1882

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