Your local Tesco: bikes of unstoppable quality…

Spotted in Walsall’s new flagship Tesco store tonight. Children’s bikes, just begging to be bought as Christmas gifts, and at quite attractive prices, to boot. Just one snag: don’t follow the store’s assembly examples.

Display bike with forks assembled backwards. Were the bike to be ridden in this state, there's a great possibility of the forks failing under braking. Note also the innovative positioning of the front reflector. Taken in Tesco Extra, Walsall, 6:50pm, Wednesday 22nd December 2010.


This bike is a nightmare. Forks similarly assembled backwards, front brake cable swinging uncoupled in free air, brakes not even in allignment with the wheels. Wheels, tyres, cranks all made of plastic. Taken in Tesco Extra, Walsall, 6:51pm,Wednesday 22nd December 2010.

Tesco are not the only store to assemble bikes in this sloppy manner – ASDA received some awful publicity for the blooper after featuring such a bike in a TV commercial, and Halfords and other High Street retailers have also suffered for making the mistake. Lets be clear about this: the bicycles in question are junk and aren’t actually very good value at all. They roll off production lines in Vietnam or Thailand at around five to ten pounds each. They are made from the very cheapest components. In no time at all, adjusters will slip, threads will strip and parts will break or wear out. Amongst cyclists, these items are known as BSO’s – ‘bicycle shaped objects‘.

If you’re thinking of getting a youngster a bike for Christmas, try your local bike shop. There’s quite a few in the area, and they’ll all do a decent deal on a good quality steed for your nipper. There’s no substitute for knowledge and care, and it’ll be one hell of a lot safer. All the local guys will assemble, adjust and fit the bike to the child, and will have staff who know the correct way to install a set of forks.In short, they know what they’re selling, they care, and they want your repeat business. The big shops couldn’t give a toss.

Why take a chance?

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  3. martin says:

    You can put any old crap in a box and call it a bike – did you see the Gadget Show when they tested cheap bikes?
    Go to Nutty Russell’s – you know it makes sense.
    (other bicycle emporia are available)

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