A hundred years apart: Up the junction

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

Old friend of the blog Ian Broad has been in touch again to continue his series of hundred years apart photos – this is the seventh set – he’s creating as part of his lockdown exercise bike rides.

This set are from some notable local junctions – where do you recognise? I think a couple of these are quite hard.

The first three images be seen in this post here, the second set can be seen here and the third wonderful set can be seen here. A couple of weeks ago, the fourth set also caused a lot of debate on social media and the fifth set last week covered some great pubs. The sixth set last weekend was a good talking point, too.

These brilliant images have caused quite the stir – a wonderfully popular project from a great blog contributor.

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

Ian has previously supplied lots of material for the blog. including an eternally popular 1982 Shire Oak School leaver group photo outside the Royal Oak pub in Shire Oak and lots about the history of Ian’s family shop Tom’s Cabin, a fixture of Brownhills for many years throughout the 1980s.

Jill Manchester did this with great success a few years ago in Walsall Wood.

As usual, I shan’t identify locations, I’ll let readers work them out…

Thanks to Ian for another great post and very thought provoking set of images, and if you have any views on this wonderful work, please do comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

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7 Responses to A hundred years apart: Up the junction

  1. alvin cox says:

    number 1 is ogle hay corner number 3 is streets corner looking towards brownhills , not sure yet what number 3 is ????

  2. Reg Fullelove says:

    thanks for the memory photo lichfield road iwas born at 113 bottom right of the photo the entry to the avenue is very bottom right my child hood play ground and some years ago i wrote a walk down lichfield road sat and listed the names of all the families who lived in the avenues today you have set the old grey matter working those houses were built by cornish miners who came to the area because of the clothsier of the tin mines but thats another story

  3. Reg Fullelove says:

    sorry before ime jumped on on second study the photo is what we called the coop corner left the entry to the avenues and chase road right ogley roadi just went back tomy child hood at 89 9o in june its allowed sorry

  4. Diane says:

    Wow… absolutely love looking at old photos and learning about the “good old days “of our lovely area .. thank you for sharing

  5. David Evans says:

    Good morning Bob
    a big thank you to Ian for these fine images. The third black and white image shows Brownhills Road viewed from Streets Corner, Walsall Wood with the thick hedge bordering Mr and Mrs Street’s thatched cottage ( just out of view) On the right hand side of the road we see Mr Oakleys double-fronted house with its single storey “cot”,
    ; Mr Delbridge’s double-fronted house and then Polly Wadeys house/shop.. On the left hand side, past the school, we see part of Ingle’s Row ( of back to back cottages) with the colliery in the distance.

    kind regards

    David Evans

  6. Lynn says:

    2nd photograph is Norton Canes library near co-op traffic lights. Thank you to Ian for taking time out to take these photographs.

  7. brian ashford says:

    the picture is not norton library but past the old yew-tree on the opposite side of crossroads towards norton square it was a house owned by harvey’s

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