A hundred years apart: Meet me on the street

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

Old friend of the blog Ian Broad has been in touch again to continue his series of hundred years apart photos – this is the sixth set – he’s creating as part of his lockdown exercise bike rides.

This set are from the more southerly e and of town – where do you recognise? Not too hard this week…

The first three images be seen in this post here, the second set can be seen here and the third wonderful set can be seen here. A couple of weeks ago, the fourth set also caused a lot of debate on social media and the fifth set last week covered some great pubs.

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

These brilliant images have caused quite the stir – a wonderfully popular project from a great blog contributor.

Ian has previously supplied lots of material for the blog. including an eternally popular 1982 Shire Oak School leaver group photo outside the Royal Oak pub in Shire Oak and lots about the history of Ian’s family shop Tom’s Cabin, a fixture of Brownhills for many years throughout the 1980s.

Jill Manchester did this with great success a few years ago in Walsall Wood.

As usual, I shan’t identify locations, I’ll let readers work them out…

Thanks to Ian for another great post and very thought provoking set of images, and if you have any views on this wonderful work, please do comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

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9 Responses to A hundred years apart: Meet me on the street

  1. Malcolm farmer says:

    What an extremely nice find my wife and I were up in the cemetery this week,taking a rose to a relative she was my grans cousin.a very small world we do live in.
    From Malcolm farmer.nie coley.

  2. Mama says:

    I knew the oaks as,middle oak and too oak.

  3. Will says:

    Is there any way Ivan get copies of the photos

  4. Lynn says:

    First picture is the Shire Oak pub, next picture is the cemetery in Brookland Road, Walsall Wood and the last photo is the Anchor bridge. Did Ian ever find out where the photo Spring Valley, Heath Hayes was taken from.

  5. David Evans says:

    can readers find the three horses in these images?

  6. Lynn says:

    First photo Shire Oak pub Lichfield Road, next photo Walsall Wood Cemetery Brookland Road and the last photo the Anchor Bridge. Did Ian ever find out where the Spring Valley, Heath Hayes photo was taken the tracks that follow the old line of Hawkes Green Lane look similar.

  7. Reg Fullelove says:

    hye lyne there are two old photos in circulation of spring valley five wayes one is looking toward cannock from the chapel street corner as i ex plained the other i would say was taken from the cottage again looking toward cannock at the junction of what is now cannock road and goosemoore was a large house and about 4 cotages nothing else in between ope this is of any help

  8. Lynn says:

    Thanks Reg I will take a look next time I go past the junction.

  9. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I wonder if there are any other images showing the Lychgate? When was it removed?

    Many thanks to Ian for this fine presentation

    kind regards


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