Taking the Hammerwich, Hednesford and Chasewater hundreds!

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

Old friend of the blog Ian Broad has been in touch again to continue his series of hundred years apart photos – this is the third set – he’s creating as part of his lockdown exercise bike rides.

The first three images be seen in this post here and the second set can be seen here. Thes brilliant images have caused quite the stir – a wonderfully popular project from a great blog contributor.

Spring Valley, Heath Hayes. But where was/is it? Can you help please?

You can actually help Ian here too – he’d like to know where the above image is taken. Do you have any idea, please? Heath Hayes isn’t my speciality, so contributions welcome on that one.

Hi Bob,

As I live in Heath Hayes I thought this might be a good 100 years project  pic.  However, I can’t find it… No reference to it apart from this postcard.

Any idea where it might be?



Please do comment or mail me.

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

Jill Manchester did this with great success a few years ago in Walsall Wood.

Ian has previously supplied lots of material for the blog. including an eternally popular 1982 Shire Oak School leaver group photo outside the Royal Oak pub in Shire Oak and lots about the history of Ian’s family shop Tom’s Cabin, a fixture of Brownhills for many years throughout the 1980s.

The bike is a lovely touch. Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

I shan’t identify locations, I’ll let readers work them out…

Thanks to Ian for another great post and very thought provoking set of images, and if you have any views on this wonderful work, please do comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

Image kindly supplied by Ian Broad.

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18 Responses to Taking the Hammerwich, Hednesford and Chasewater hundreds!

  1. the heath hayes one is cannock road there is a pumping station where the cottage was the post office is of hammerwich sorry i cant help you under the present lock down but as friend know i have quite a collection i will willingly share when this sad time is over all the best on your prodject

  2. Lynn says:

    Chasewater Dam, Cross Keys pub Hednesford, Hammerwich.

  3. Pedro says:

    There is a Joseph Chilton Speake on 1911 Census (37) Coalminer Foreman.
    Postal Address N°5 Albert St, Hazel Slade, Hednesford.

  4. Pedro says:

    Should have added that in an Inquiry of 1912 he was described as being from Spring Valley, Heath

  5. Susan Lote says:

    Can anyone confirm who the gentleman on the bridge with his children is?
    Is it Chasewater Bridge?

  6. Martin says:

    Hammerwich Post Office and I think Hammerwich Railway Station

  7. Brian Ellett says:

    The post office in hammerwich in the old photo was between church lane and mill lane, it moved to the single story building that was a sweet shop shown in the colour photo in the 1960s

    • Ian Broad says:

      Thanks Brian. That explains the other pic I found. They look very similar ship fronts but the other one is kinda sideways on if you know what I mean.

      • Brian Ellett says:

        If you look in the background behind the trees you can see the old school building on the corner of Meerash lane

  8. Lynn says:

    Spring Valley Heath Hayes could be part of Hawkes Green Lane towards Lichfield Road. I went out for a walk today the track follows the line of the old Lane. On an old map of Cannock Spring Valley cottages are shown near the old cottage hospital near Avon Road. Also there is a Spring Road in Cannock. Hope this helps.

  9. Reg Fullelove says:

    re the query on the pumping station cannock road its on heath hayes going toward cannock just past the petrol staion on the left hand side it is below ground level on our old village i have found many variations of views and history and claims and have enjoyed and listend with iterest one in particular on an old map you will note there was once only four ways noted as thfinger post i enjoy what i do and often say i dont look for weeds i look for flowers so if in dought when some one says iknow what ime talking about and yow wornt born hear i thank them and let them enjoy their world iloveum all by the way bob its nice to be back with you

  10. Haitch says:

    Great pics – the only thing I’d point out is it looks like the Hammerwich station pics are taken from opposite directions.

  11. Reg Fullelove says:

    just a litle thought again on the location of sprig valley the photo in question is what we now call cannock road heath hayes i had enlarged years ago was thinking today of how many locations have the ward spring aded to it i wonder wether many many years ago were these were watering spotts yeears ago i knew a very learned old gentleman on heath hayes avery reliable historian one day he stood and told me the location of local springs especialy newlands lans lane i begged him to write them down but sadly he never did and took all history tothe grave i stiil remembersome of it is ope i havnt board you god bless from aer reg bem

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