New Year 2020 photo competition is entries are open now – see the entries so far!

Well, the traditional Brownhills Blog New Year photo competion where mini kegs of Backyard Ale – award winning grog brewed right here in Brownhills – or books can be won has been open a week, and despite a hiccup with Facebook, as of the time of posting there have been 115 entries – and it’s not to late to enter!

You can see all 115 entries in the galleries above and below – just click on any image to expand it. Thename of the entrant has been watermarked onto each one for clarity.

Please send in – either by posting on facebook, twitter or emailing me – one photo you’re proud of that represents they year past for you or the season. Get cracking, entries are open now until next weekend.

It doesn’t have to be Brownhills, as many of you live away from the hallowed town now, and anyone can enter. Pictures should be from this past year if possible, and should be positive, non political and above all, taken by you or a member of your family you represent.

Last year there were several attempts to post images that weren’t original, and one was trying to make a social point: I reserve the right to disregard such entries. This is a positive gesture from my own pocket so please play fair!

I’m not looking for the next David Bailey (ask your ma) so if you’re not technical, or only have an old phone, that’s cool. It’s content and capture that matters.

I’ll keep the competition open until noon on Sunday, 5th January 2020 when a panel of me and a panel yet to be assembled will decide which we like and award prizes.

Each judge will pick one winner and one runner up.

Remember, just one picture per person is allowed, otherwise we get swamped with whole galleries!

Our decision will be final and this is all intended as fun, so don’t get heavy. Ask previous winners though, the prizes are real!

Send them to BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, @BrownhillsBob on twitter or post to the Facebook group.

Best of luck!

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