Diamond is forever

The Ebenezer in Walsall Wood, before the main building was demolished. It’s still an active Church with plenty going on. Image supplied by David Evans, I suspect from the John Sale collection.

Here’s a nice one from the wonderful David Evans that is a good one to peruse on a grey autumn weekend – the booklet from the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Walsall Wood’s Ebenezer Methodist Church that still stands to this day next to Oak Park on the Lichfield Road/High Street.

The booklet is from 1951 and celebrates the 60th anniversary of the church in that year, on November 22nd. It cost two shillings and sixpence and is described as a ‘Souvenir Handbook’ – full of history and photos, it’s a fascinating thing.

The booklet has come to David via his family and he’s carefully scanned it to share here – we’ve featured odd pages from it before but I’ve never been able to share it as a complete work.

I’ve assembled David’s scans into a PDF you can download and search the test of, or you can use the gallery below to study each page separately just by clicking on it.

You can download the PDF version hey clicking here – it’s a large file so may take a while.

Thanks to David for a wonderful thing, and yet another excellent contribution to our social and community history record,  and if you have any memories of this notable place of worship, it’s congregation or characters, please do get in touch – mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com,  comment here or ping me on social media.

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    very many thanks for your excellent presentation of this rare but precious booklet
    Very much appreciated
    kind regards

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