Lunar see

I love how you see the craters as the moon turns to shade. Image kindly supplied by Peter Cutler.

Here’s a quick but beautiful one from longstanding local historian and rapscallion Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler who’s bought himself a great camera – a Nikon P900 – and has been experimenting photographing the moon.

Those who follow my 365daysofbiking journal will know that while I’m no astronomer, the moon does captivate me. If you actually look at it through any kind of magnification – binoculars, a zoom lens or telescope – it becomes a thing of wonder and beauty.

Helpfully, Peter has annotated one of his images so we know what’s what. On night rides home, I often look up to the moon and wonder at the fact that humans went there. They actually climbed in a rocket, relied on the very limits of technology and maths, and landed all those miles away.

Peter took these photos in July and they really are quite spectacular. He sent them to me a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to post them here. My thanks to him for sharing them, and I look forward to seeing what else he does with that wonderful camera!

If you want to see the below image without annotations, click here.

I find it really interesting that we mapped the moon with ‘seas’ – even though it’s dry. Image kindly supplied by Peter Cutler.

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