Brownhills, take a bow for Mylee

Lisa Hughes and pals have been hard at work putting bows up around their estate. Image Kindly sent in by Lisa herself.

I’m very pleased to note that yesterday, Monday 22nd January 2018, Brownhills turned it’s anger and sorrow regarding the awful death of Mylee Billingham into something positive – an appeal was launched late on Sunday and the town is bedecked in pink ribbons to remember Mylee by – and the work will continue again today [Tuesday 23rd] meeting at Laptop Trader in the High Street at 11am.

Update, a message today (Tuesday 23rd January 2018) from Laura Rowley:

Money collection tins will be ready to collect from Laptop Trader at about 11.30am as I am just decorating them now thank you 😊

I was at work at lunchtime when I was alerted to a number of people working on putting up ribbons around the High Street – a relative had spotted the phenomena whilst driving through – and a number of people were working diligently with donated materials.

People including – but not limited to – Denise Rowley, Scott Westwood, Laura Rowley, Becky, Jean Vaughan, Anthony Vaughan, Dmion Whittaker and loads of others grafted for a long time to show that Brownhills supports it’s bereaved family. Bows have been made by, or had meaterial donated by Greetings 2000, Archers Florist and lots of other good folk.

Gema Humphries with Jean and Anthony Vaughan have also been hard at work, as this image she took on the High Street shows.

Charity boxes and bowls were sourced and distributed by Damion and the folks at Laptop Trader  on High Street Brownhills, and it’s fair to say all the local businesses on the High Street are pulling together here.

It’s a bit unfair to pull out one against others, but Laura Rowley was the first post I saw:

Covered the whole of brownhills high st in pink ribbon bows for Mylee!

If anyone would like to help we are continuing it tomorrow [Tuesday, 23rd January 2018] meeting by Laptop Trader in Brownhills High Street at around 11 am.

Also collection tins at Marios chip shop, Coffee House, Laptop Trader, Costa Coffee, Ace of Vapes, McColls Howdles Lane, Star Cafe, Greetings 2000, Sewing Room, Betfred and Little Nick’s.

Alpha Hair in Clayhanger also have a collection and the dance studios by the memo

Also a big thank you to Archers Florists for the bows.

Krystal Edge has been busy making bows in Greetings 200 card shop on the High Street.

It’s fair to say the list of participating businesses is now far greater, as is the spread of the bows and if I’m missing folk out, I’m sorry. If you’d like to comment here or PM me I’ll add you to the list. Mail me – BrownhillsBob at googlemmil dot com, comment on this post or twang me on social media.

Archers Florists also caught my eye:

As a tribute we have some pink bows coming in tomorrow which will be available free to anyone who wishes to show support and turn Brownhills pink for Mylee Billingham (one per person).

Heartbreaking, so young and beautiful, rest in peace Mylee , our thought are with her family and friends at this sad time xxx

If you can’t get to the High Street, you can donate to the Gofundme Appeal for Mylee’s family here (click this link).

Don’t forget that also, St. James Church will be open at various times today, Tuesday 23rd January 2018 for quiet reflection and remembrance of Mylee.

Thanks so much to all who’ve worked so hard to do this. You are the embodiment of community spirit, and make me very proud indeed.

There has been a real outpouring of support. Click on the screenshot or link above to donate.

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