Norwegian blue? Is it yours?

Have you lost this parrot?

An odd one here has reached me from several sources including reader Alice here who took time out to sent me an email about a blue and red parrot that’s currently feral in the Ogley Road area of Brownhills.

Apparently the bird is a regular on garden feeders and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere.

Alice wrote:


There is a blue parrot with a red heat flying around in the trees near the care Home on Ogley Road. Been there a few days now.

Lots of people see your blog etc so thought I’d let you know incase someone has lost one.


Note that this isn’t Charlie the (still missing) Macaw from shelfield, who is much larger and blue and yellow.

If this bird is yours, or you know to whom it might belong, give me a shout by commenting on this post or mailing me – BrownhillsBob at Googemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. hoipoloi says:

    Apparently it’s a crimson rosella

  2. I captured it at 57 Sadler road about 5 years ago, in a pet carrier. The old lady next door wanted to keep is, and so she has since. She let it out or cage to roam around the house and spoilt it rotten. However she then developed dementia and the parrot escaped from number 55. When I showed it to her flying about,she couldn’t remember it at all. It has been about almost a year now and loves his freedom so I say if it’s surviving let it be. The old lady doesn’t want it captured. His name is Grace and we all put him food out.

  3. Sorry ,that name should read Brave.

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