Local police seizing bikes of illegal off-roaders on Brownhills Common

All photos posted on Twitter by Brownhills Local Policing Unit/West Midlands Police.

Just a headsup I’ve been meaning to post all week that finally, action is being taken by local police against offloaders in the Engine Lane area of Brownhills Common.

Believe it or not, outside of dog fouling, in recent months I’ve had more complaints about this nuisance than anything else.

Brownhills Local Policing Unit posted on Twitter last Sunday (27th August 2017):

This issue isn’t harmless – I hear what lots of you say; it’s only wasteland, they’re not doing harm, etc.; but there is a riding stables nearby that regularly has horses scared, paths on the common are so churned they’re unusable by walkers, bikes are going from the old rail line down onto the canal at the old Cement Works Bridge, and it’s harming wildlife and making the deer bolt.

If you can afford an off-road scrambler, you can afford to take it somewhere where it can be used legally and where it won’t cause issues for others.

Thanks to Brownhills team for the action, and if you want to follow their twitter updates, they’re well worth a follow – check them out here at @BrownhillsWMP.

I am liking very much the current proactive, can-do approach of the local beat coppers – despite hugely constrained resources, I see them about lots and they appear to be doing a great job and keeping folk informed too.

Well done, and stay safe, coppers…

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