On the sad passing of Frank Sivorn


I’m sure Frank probably officiated a match with these lads at some point – this is from the 1970s,  labelled ‘Walsall Wood Midland Combination, division 1.’ Photo kindly supplied by Clive Roberts.

I had an interesting message posted on Facebook yesterday which I think is worth sharing with readers of the blog, not just those who are interested in, or remember the heyday of Brownhills football teams.

Old friend of the blog Warren Parry contacted me to say he was saddened and surprised to find that renowned local referee Frank Sivorn had passed away a few months ago.

I’ve heard Frank mentioned many times and he was clearly very well regarded and will be remembered fondly.

Warren wrote:

Hi Bob,

Not sure this will be of interest to your readers, but I will give it a go. Thought it might be worth giving a mention to an old friend of mine who recently passed away.

I was working by where an old and renowned football referee lived. I was going to pop in and say hello to Frank Sivorn. Alas I found he had passed just a few months back.

To you Frank I doff my cap, you were truly a character and deserved a fitting send off from the Brownhills football community… I hope you got it. All the lads who played for me knew him and had respect for him.

RIP big man.

Thanks Warren for letting us know, and I’m sure all readers will join with me in expressing my sincerest condolences to Frank’s family, friends and those who knew him as a great arbiter of football.

I’m sure there will be readers out there with memories of Frank to share – if you have something to share, please do comment on this post or email me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. alvin Cox says:

    I remember Frank when he worked for West Midlands PMT Buses a great person to know and an excellent refferee, will be sadly missed.

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