Up in Arms

The Warreners Arms around 1915, an unusual card for sale on eBay by seller AntiqueChapters. Click for a larger version.

A quick post as I’m fiddling with technical stuff behind the scenes (VPN and Remote Desktop anyone?) but this is the latest post in a serious of unusual postcards spotted on everyone’s favourite tat bazaar, eBay.

For sale by postcard dealer Antique Chapters, we have this intersting image of the Warreners Arms, purportedly from 1915. I find this interesting, as I’d love to know when this incarnation of the pub was built, replacing the squarer, less decorative one as featured in the book ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’ by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington.

I can’t see that these were ever the same building. Image of the previous Warreners Arms from Memories of Brownhills Past by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington.

The scan is of very high quality and of particular interest are the original etched windows, which I don’t think survived.

If you fancy this, you can see the original sale here where it’s offered for £45. Form an orderly queue, folks.

While I’m on, the same seller also has the following classic card, which I think we’ve all seen before. Another version of it can be seen here and it really is a classic Brownhills image.

Unlike the Warreners one above, this card has been postally used, and has an interesting message on the rear.

This one too is for sale for £20 here.

Anything to add? Please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot

Brewes Corner, looking from what would now be the Miner Island up the High Street, Station hotel on the left. Image from a sale on eBay by AntiqueChapters. Click for a larger version.

The reverse of the card is fascinating. Click for a larger version.

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10 Responses to Up in Arms

  1. Sue Woodward (nee Bullock) says:

    I love the Brewes Corner picture. I haven’t heard that name for years. We lived at 27 High St, above Poxon’s, until I was 11 and I have very vivid memories of views from the bedroom window – Teddy Boy fights at the Station Hotel, watching coaches off to the Cup Final when a northern team was playing, a lorry crashing into the toy shop opposite…..

    • Derek Breeze says:

      Do you remember my uncle Horace and aunt Iris at Poxons, I think my uncle was manager in the late 40s and 50s ???

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    the Brews corner postcard…I have seen an orignal car which has the names of the three gents in the message reverse. Checking with ancenstry they were local men…from the owner of the card;-..the men were waiting for the newspaper train to arrive ..their job was to deliver the newspapers
    . Pleased to see a clear date franked on this example
    kind regards

  3. aerreg says:

    hi sue i remember it well MAY BEVANS TOY shop and EMILY RICKETS fruit and veg how about a sandwich at IDERS cook shop or a cream horne at brewes or a pork pie from POXONS and perhaps a chat at ETHEL POINTONS if you had got an hour to spare god bless thanks for the memory its saturday i wonder if JACK TURNER has opened the REGENT yet to see ROY ROGERS and HOPALONG CASSIDY ha ha

  4. Derek Breeze says:

    My parents Ernie & Annie Breeze took over “Foys” grocers and off licence shop 83 High Street about 1949/50 My uncle Horace Breeze was manager of Poxons butchers on the High Street.
    Does anyone remember me ? Derek Breeze ?

  5. aerreg says:

    hi derek as a person ime sorry to say you personaly i cant recall you but your mom and dad i recall very well they lived with my grandad fullelove in new road your dad used to breed birds and peckanise pups the house still stands in new road and holds many many memouries for me i also knew horace and your grandad if i recall your mom and dad kept a guest house in blackpool a yearly visit for ny mom and dad i still have old ernies drover walking stick used when he and oliver twist drove a cow from lichfield auction on mondays god bless thanks for the memory

  6. aerreg says:

    hi dereck just found your mom and dads wedding photo if you would like a copy i will send it to you if you could some how let me have your adress as you can gether ime not an expert on the key board if you still have brownhills contacts ime in th phone book

    • Derek Breeze says:

      Hi aerreg, thank you for your reply, Yes I would love to see a photo of my Mum & Dads wedding. What is your name you never know I might remember you ??. My address
      9 Livet Ave, Blackpool FY4 3HT Lancs. Tel :-01253341484 breezeydek20@gmail.com
      Mobile 07974921627 I am 79 years old in May. I remember George Fullelove the choir conducter and his two sons. Regards Derek.

  7. Derek Breeze says:

    Does anyone remember a pub thay used to call “Breeze’s” or know anything about it, and its location in Brownhills ???

  8. Derek Breeze says:

    I remember playing in the back garden/yard of The Warrener’s Arms with the son of the Tenants with few other pals around the 40s/50s we were dipping bullrushes in a part full tin of petrol, then setting light to them, one of the lads dipped a lit bullrush in the can, this was followed by a large explosion the can shot in the air about 50ft luckily none of us was injured. It was a hard lesson learned. Luck or what !!

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