From Brewes Corner to the Brewery

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This is a remarkable image, I’ve never seen before; I’d guess it’s turn of the century, no later than 1915. On the left, Brewes bakery and the old Coffee Shop (later Plumber’s Paradise). On the right, The Station Hotel, and behind it, William Robert’s Station Brewery. I’ve never seen this image before. Image generously donated by Margaret Thompson – click for a larger version.

A quick heads up for a remarkable photo that’s just dropped into my inbox from the young David Evans – it has been very generously donated for use by the blog by the last known retaliative of Syd Pritchard, Margaret Thompson.

Syd (not Sid!) was the protagonist of a wonderful book released last year by local history legend Bill Mayo – I believe there may be a few copies still available.

Margaret has contacted David, and the two have got together over a cuppa and some wonderful historical material has come to light – and this image is just a taster. Note that this is the clearest image of the Station Brewery I’ve ever seen, and shows the product of an empire built up by William Roberts, Brownhills’ greatest businessman.

Also visible are the old coffee  shop on the corner of Lichfield Road (later Plumber’s Paradise), Brewes Bakery opposite, and a busy High Street with an assembled crew of interested kids. From the appearance I’d say it was taken between 1900-1910, and is a close relation of a much inferior card published by George Lewis.

David has done a wonderful job of enhancing the image.

I thank Margaret for a wonderful donation, and extend the hand of friendship – there is much to be explored with the Pritchard historical arc and I’m very grateful that we’ve been allowed to share it. A true act of historical felicity by Margaret.

Comments please, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.


This postcard, from Jan Farrow’s ‘Around Brownhills and Walsall Wood in old picture postcards’ is by George Lewis, and I’d say was the same photographer, on the same day.

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  1. Clive says:

    Nice one Dave and Margret thank you.

  2. aerreg says:

    great photographs wot no cars or mick the miller on the market times have changed god bless

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