2017 New Year Quiz – the results are in!


Keeper’s Cottage: a sad, tumbledown and fascinating feature of local bike rides since I was a kid. Image by Pete Hummings.

Hi folks – the quiz is over – sorry, I seem to have made it too hard this year.

Please, do help me here – are you all interested in the quiz again, and if so, how could I make it more fun and what would get more of you involved? These started out really popular, and this year, only a handful had a go?

I want to do stuff that involves as many of you as possible, so please do speak up.

Please let me know – we’re not short of readers, so I guess I’m pitching it wrong. Help!

Anyway, results – my congratulations to the winners, and commiserations to those who lost, but thanks – you’ve been great sports:

Lynn won part one, here with 22 points. Lynn is brilliant at this, and maintains her crown from last year.

Andy Dennis got 1 point.

I’m going to give Helen a spot prize of a book for this answer, which was clever and amused me – see here – even though it wasn’t what I was looking for. I always stop for amphibians.

Two questions in part one remained unanswered, 1 and 13.

The answers to all the others are in the comments to the original post, but Question 1 was VJ Knitting who regularly advertised in the Gazette, and 13 was Bateman. They were all neighbours on Occupation Road as featured in the hand-drawn map in this post here.

Lynn also won part two with 11 points, but held off a strong challenge from local author Clive, who got 9 points.

Dennis got 3 tough ones and wins a spot prize.

David Evans very nearly got 2 points, so I think he deserved them.

I’ll list the full answers to part two below, so it’s easier.

Thanks to all of you who had a go, and happy new year. Please let me know what I can do to make this better. I think perhaps I look at the place I live a bit too closely?

Best wishes, I’ll be in touch with winners to arrange prizes.

Answers to part two:

Q26: These chimney pots are on the cottages next to Coppy Woods (or Goblin Pit Woods), on Green Lane.

Q27: Longwood lock gates – dated 2016 (they were replaced this year), built locally by Bradley workshops.


Q28: Just off Lathams Bridge, Walsall Wood, down the canal bank to the mark-it, just off the footpath.


Q29: It’s guarding a manhole, giving access to the borehole into the old minewovrkings where chemical waste was dumped years ago.

Q30:Cattshill Junction Bridge, 1892.


Q31: It’s a trail marker at the RAF Hednesford site, near Marquis Drive on Cannock Chase.


Q32: Saddler Court Mfg. – on Coppice Side.


Q33: It’s on the former Butler Foundries car park, near the old rail line and cement works bridge near One Stop.


Q34: This is just near Coppice Woods on Green Lane, Walsall Wood end.


Q35: On the friction bar on CLayhanger canal bridge.


Q36: He’s on a dog bin on the south end of Chasewater Dam. No idea why or by who, but he’s cool.


Q37:The derrick for lifting pumps out of the pit at Clayhanger sewage station, just off Bridge Street


Q38: This guy sits in a gap in the shelves against the fence next to the Vintage wagon, facing the Bric a Brac wagon, near the model railway at Brownhills West Station, Chasewater. Spotted him purely by chance.


Q39: Bench in memory of John Reeves, Hammerwich Churchyard, under a handsome, large yew tree.


Q40: Black Cock, Bullings Heath, Walsall Wood.

quiz-7 Q41: This is a finial from a railway signal.


Q42: It’s in the flowerbed just outside the door to the shop at Brownhills West station, Chasewater.

Q43: D Rushbrook left his mark in 1931 on the Footherley Brook bridge, Footherley, within sight of Keepers Cottage.


Q44: Monitoring wells exist along the towpath from the marlpit at Stubbers Green/Aldridge to Leighswood bridge, so I’d have had the back of RMD, Interseve, Duckhams, etc. They’re to monitor leakage from the cut.


Q45: Load 1 ton (or ‘loaditon’ as a little friend thinks) is on a handcart parked outside the train sheds at Brownhills West Station, Chasewater.


Q46: I say there are 18 steps from the upper bank to Fly Creek boardwalk at north heath, Chasewater, but there are arguably 17.

Q47: Joseph is in the centre of the small, disusedburial ground on your left as you walk to the rear of St James, from Church Road, in the plots bordered by the path to Great Charles Street.

Q48: Lower Stonnall, The Great Barn (John Smith, 1747 with the N backwards, remember?) – Mill Lane, Lower Stonnall.


Q49:Stonnall this year decorated their bus stops. I have no idea why.


Q50:Around the periphery or the Anchor Inn beer garden on the Chester Road.


Q51: 3 3A 10 10A and 24 Anchor Bridge pub side towards Shire Oak.


Q52: This is Keeper’s Cottage, Footherley. Derelict for at least 34 years to my knowledge. Susan Marie Ward, aka Staffordshirebred, spent a lot of her childhood here. Lots of interest in this old tumbledown house, here photographed by the drone of Pete Cummings in 2016.


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9 Responses to 2017 New Year Quiz – the results are in!

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    I knew I’d seen that bench somewhere. One day I actually sat there, ate a sandwich, even! Thanks for the quiz and keep up the good work in 2017!

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Bob Praps your clues need to be of the larger kind a lot of folks can’t get around where you do for various reasons.
    Great quiz thank you for your time and effort with everything you do.

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    thanks for all the time you have put in to this year’s..challenging.. quiz. Enjoyed it , though I was not very good at it..Good fun to try and also to read the more expert competitors answers emerge!
    kind regards

  4. stuart says:

    It’s the kind of thing that I’d enjoy as a rule but living Hednesford/Stafford way on I automatically think the questions will be related to Brownhills/Walsall Wood kind of area so tend not to delve,which is fine because it is a Brownhills blog so wouldn’t expect you to cover absolutely everywhere. I’ll promise to have a go next year.

  5. Clive says:

    Thanks for the quiz Bob. Congatulations to the winners.

  6. Lynn Lynk says:

    Thanks to Bob for really pushing us with this year’s quiz. I would like Clive to have first prize for the 2nd part of the quiz. Thanks again for the blog I know more people read it than comment on it.

  7. Clive says:

    Thank you Lynn, very kind of you.
    Cheers Clive

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