It’s 2019 New Year photo competition time!

Hey folks – regulars here will know that over Christmas and new year on the Brownhills Blog we normally have a quiz where real prizes can be won – mini kegs of Backyard Ale or books – well, I think the quiz has run it’s course, but I’ve had a lot of success with 2018s photo competitions – so here’s another to get stuck in to.

Everywhere looks glorious at some point in winter… picture from my 365days archive.

Please send in – either by posting on facebook, twitter or emailing me – one photo you’re proud of that represents winter, Christmas or this season.

It doesn’t have to be Brownhills, as many of you live away from the hallowed town now, and anyone can enter. Pictures don’t have to be current but should be broadly positive and above all, yours.

I’m not looking for the next David Bailey (ask your ma) so if you’re not technical, or only have an old phone, that’s cool. It’s content and capture that matters.

I’ll keep the competition open until noon on Sunday, 6th January 2019 at 11pm when a panel of me, co-admins Phil, Richard and Linda on Facebook and the young Mr Evans will decide which we like and award prizes.

Each judge will pick one winner and one runner up.

Remember, just one picture per person is allowed, otherwise we get swamped with whole galleries!

Our decision will be final and this is all intended as fun, so don’t get heavy. Ask previous winners though, the beer is real and brewed in Brownhills!

Send them to BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, @BrownhillsBob on twitter or post to the Facebook group.

Best of luck!

Sonw of the rooftops of Tyseley in 2013… from my 365days archive.
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