Chasewater now apparently clear of blue-green algae


Well, at least they can’t mess with the view…

Good news at last for dog-walkers and users of Chasewater in general who may let dogs swim in the water – the alert for blue green algae that was found in the lake back in August has now cleared, and the lake is now safe for your pets, according to the official Chasewater Facebook Account, run by Staffordshire County Council.

Staffordshire County Council said:

Blue Green Algae Update

The Rangers have assessed the water, and have found there is no longer any trace of the Blue Green algae, and have removed all signage.

It is now safe to allow your dogs into the water, but please remember it is a non swimming lake, and swimming is not allowed.

While the naturally occurring algae was present, people were warned not to let their dogs swim in the water, and not to bathe there (although that’s never recommended) and signs had been put up warning of the hazard.


Once a popular boating lake, now a patch of bare earth, because Staffordshire Council found cleaning it too much hassle.

The all clear now having been sounded, the Council can get back to the really important business at Chasewater – downgrading the facilities, by filling in the boating lake and closing the innovation centre reception at weekends…


Death by a thousand cuts? Image posted on twitter by user @lisatill93.

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2 Responses to Chasewater now apparently clear of blue-green algae

  1. stuart says:

    Knowing that it’s possible to totally drain Chasewater why don’t the council do just that and then use the site for landfill,they may as well finish the job!
    Post war at a time when most folk didn’t have a penny to their name a group of people had the vision to provide the area with an asset to be proud of,what the hell happened? Times were hard then yet they managed to come up with a gem of a place that was used by thousands of locals over the years. I’m just glad I have such happy memories of the place,generations to come though won’t be so fortunate.

  2. Steve cawley says:

    It just needs some organisation to have the will and vision to do something with it.
    It is not rocket science big pool if stocked with fish could make thousands of pounds per year get rid of the speed boats that generate nothing,
    Promote the train set,get some interest in concessions to do with the history of the area
    (Like the Black Country museum) get something down on the canal below the dam,get the fairground back in the summer,let’s have a go kart track for the kids ,bring back some life to the place.

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