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A remarkable collection of pots, made at a local brickworks, owned by reader Phil Coopeer.

We’ve talked here a lot lately about local brick making, and also a little about curios and mementoes of coal mining – there certainly seems to be a culture of trades making ornaments or promotional items for their customers or families that remain fascinating years later.

One such collection of items is owned by reader Phil Cooper, who sent the above picture. He explains:

Hi Bob

Seeing the articles on brickworks I thought you may be interested in these pots. They were made round about 1900 at one of the local Brickworks but I don’t know which one.

They appear to be made from sections of pipes which have had their outsides modified to represent tree trunks, then ‘overlooked’ to produce the dark colour. Although having said that the smaller one appears to have been made from scratch.

Phil Cooper

Thanks to Phil for sharing – what remarkable, interesting pots! I’ve never seen anything like these before. Can anyone help identify their origin, please? Are there any more around?

I’d love to see other reader contributions of such ephemera – there must be loads around. One thing that does fasciate me is workmen who made their own tools, too – often as part of their apprenticeships. If you have anything like this you’d like to share with readers, please do.

Again, my gratitude to Phil – and please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks!

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