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What a fine thing this is…

First up – apologies to regular readers for lack of updates this weekend – I’ve had a cold and have really not been very well at all, so been taking it easy to be quite honest. That and fiddling with a few things to come. My apologies, normal service will be resumed forthwith.

A month ago I ran a heads up for a new project starting in Aldridge to create a Men’s Shed, and the meeting to discuss this wonderful proposal was held on the 12th February as advertised – well, John Morris, Area Manager for Aldridge has reported back very positively from that meeting, which is great news.

Men’s Sheds (and they’re not just open to men – the ladies can join too!) started in Australia a couple of decades ago and provide creative activities, a social focus and space just to hang out, chat and create for older members of the society who feel they’ve got lots to give the community.

As a chap that likes to make stuff, repair things and generally create bits and pieces with my hands, this looks like a great project that really chimes with me.

John Morris posting the following statement about the project:

Good morning all,

First of all, thank you to everyone who attended the meeting at the Aldridge Youth Theatre last Friday. I counted a total of 56 people in the audience, which is a fantastic turn-out for a first meeting, and shows us the level of support and interest that this project has already generated.

Thanks also to the staff from the Aldridge Youth Theatre and the Aldridge Cinema Club for hosting the event and supplying the refreshments.

The important facts that came out of the meeting are listed below:-

• There will be a Men’s Shed in Aldridge

• The project will be supported by a number of partners, including the Royal Voluntary Service, West Midlands Fire Service, Walsall Council and West Midlands Police

• Talks are ongoing with regards to a suitable location for the shed

• Current options include a mobile shed in the form of a bus and the possibility of the Top Hangar, Aldridge Airport

• Another meeting will be scheduled for a few weeks time, when hopefully we will be able to confirm the location details

Everyone who attended the meeting was asked to provide us with information about the kind of activities that they would like to participate in. The list below outlines the most popular activities that we will seek to provide, but please note we are open to any activity, as long as there is a interest…

• Woodwork
• Furniture Restoration
• Model Making
• Digital Photography
• Computing
• Upcycling
• Car Mechanics
• Social Media
• Pottery
• Cookery

If you want to know more about this project, please do not hesitate to contact me, my email address is

I’d like to thank John for this update, and look forward to seeing the results – this really is a wonderful initiative and a great thing for an often overlooked and under appreciated section of society.


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  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

    • I’m getting better, cheers. Third bad cold I had this winter, but this one swept me off my feet on Thursday – Friday I only managed a morning at work. Today was better, but still not got much energy.

      Thanks for the kind wishes!


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