The award-winning choir, champion darters and the King of Poeland


Brownhills Coronation Party. Geoff is sure this is a Brownhills image, but needs help identifying the kids and location. Note in the background the girl on the left in the remarkable hat. Photo kindly supplied by Geoff Harrington.

As you might have gathered, there have been some technical difficulties behind the scenes today, so a flurry of posts incoming that have been delayed – sorry about that. Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan and today certainly didn’t.

Anyhow, on with the history – last week you’ll remember I featured an image donated by top Brownhills sporting hero and historian Geoff Harrington, of his lady wife and friend on Warehouse Bridge just after the war. In that post I said I had a whole bunch of other images from Geoff, so here they are.

There are some wonderful photos here – I really like the Carnival Queen and also the Coronation King of Poeland. But the choir – featuring the late David Fullelove, Reg’s father (and possibly George) – is an absolute boster, too. They’re all great.

Thanks to Geoff for these excellent contributions to our local history record – so generous, and always appreciated, and also great thanks are due to the young David Evans who did all the running, and scanned them beautifully, too.

David has done a lot of work behind the scenes this weekend for which I don’t thank him enough: cheers old chap.

Recognise anyone? Have anything to add? Please comment or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


Brownhills Wesley Choir, date unknown, with many of the prizes they’d won. Image kindly donated by Geoff Harrington.


The original note of those present on the photo above. Image kindly supplied by Geoff Harrington.


Brownhills Coronation Party. Again, Geoff is sure this is a Brownhills image, but needs help identifying the kids and location. Photo kindly supplied by Geoff Harrington.


Geoff Harrington’s mother, Lil Harrington as Carnival Queen in either 1934 or 35. Geoff thinks it was the first Brownhills Carnival in 34. The attendants are Miss Neenan and Miss Neale. The chap, David has suggested, may be in the 1934 Carnival film by Syd Pritchard, below. Photo kindly donated by Geoff Harrington.

Brownhills Carnival 1934 film by Syd Pritchard, narrated by the great Reg “Aer Reg’ Fullelove. Interested in reader views here!


Wartime Rising Sun darts team and a handsome trophy! Back row, from the left: Mr Bentley, Mr Kingston, unknown, Mr Snape, Mr Joe Thacker, unknown, Mr Hewitt. Front row second from the left is Mr Snape (sic) the lady on the right is Mrs Thacker, Joe Thacker’s wife. Image kindly donated by Geoff Harrington.

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8 Responses to The award-winning choir, champion darters and the King of Poeland

  1. Beryl Marklew says:

    The coronation party. Ray Dixon is the king of poeland . Others in the picture are the Lewis twins, June Neville, Sheila Jackson to name a few. These children lived on the High Street opposite the
    Catholic Church. approx. 1952.

    • Zing!

      Wow, thanks Beryl. That’s really, really excellent!

      Made my day.


    • Glynis Edwards (nee Parkes) says:

      the Coronation party – my two cousins Dawn and Christine Neville are in the photo – Dawn is the ‘Rule Britannia; and Chris on the left middle row. Chris says the party was in a barn in Silver Street….. June Neville is standing behind ‘Rule Britannia’…..

  2. Christine Jones nee Neville says:

    I have this pic in my collection. My sister and I , Christine and Dawn Neville are there, the whole of the Jackson family. Jean, Alan, and I think three other sisters. The Lewis twins and their older sister. My aunt June Neville, Michael Brownridge to mention just a few. We all lived and played on the Hight Street until our houses were demolished in 1958 to build Silver Court flats.

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    many thanks to Christine. I wonder if she has photos of Scarretts field and possibly the Wakes in her collection, at all, at all.

  4. Glynis Edwards (nee Parkes) says:

    sorry I pressed the thumbs down instead of thumbs up on Christines comment ! blonde moment ………

  5. Emma Smith says:

    Darts Team photo…
    Lady on back row in middle is Doris Hewitt and it is her husband Sidney Hewitt back row last right.
    Lady on front row first left is Hilda Thacker daughter of Joe and Elsie Thacker. Sidney and Doris were my Great Grandparents they at some stage ran the Waterside.

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