Back on the team?


‘My other sister Joan Lewis (Twin) centre front same year. I am sure some people will recognise someone’. Image kindly supplied by Beryl Marklew.

While I’ve been busy today with hardware difficulties and preparing some stuff in the background (more on that later tonight), Beryl Marklew sent the following wonderful Ogley Hay Girls School images from the early 1950s, via Facebook.

From the trophies and clothes, I assume they’re all sports teams. Netball, perhaps? Hockey? Any ideas?

Beryl is interested in putting exact dates to the pictures, and identifying as many to the girls as possible.

If you can help, please do comment here of mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks…


‘Another group of Ogley Hay Girls School same year. Do you know them?’ Image from Beryl Marklew.


‘Ogley Hay Girls School early 1950s Betty Lewis centre front row next to Jean Jackson. Can anyone name the others?’ Image kindly supplied by Beryl marklew.

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8 Responses to Back on the team?

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    I don’t know any of the individuals, but sports teams usually appear with relevant items, such as hockey sticks, netballs or rounders bats. Could it be something to do with internal school sports with the winning house showing off their trophy?

  2. ivor230240 says:

    My sister, Marjorie Sperring then, is almost certainly the third girl from the right, as you look at the picture, in the front row in the top photograph.

  3. Fran Trawford says:

    Think the teacher on the left in the 1950’s picture is Mrs Carr. If so she taught me maths and science and was the form teacher for 2A.

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Fran
    Edwina Carr, I believe…a nicely spoken lady

  5. beryl marklew says:

    Yes they are house teams named after famous ladies. Pattison, Nightingale,Sommerville and Fry.

  6. Clive says:

    Lovely photos Beryl, thank you.

  7. Mandy Adshead says:

    Great photos Beryl! Thank you for sharing them. The last one definitely has my Aunt Kathleen Adams on. She is first on the left of the bottom row. The year must have been about 1957? The first photo must have been taken about 1951/2. We can spot Gladys Bull on the second row from the top and she is the second one in on the left. My mother Maureen Adams may be the one standing behind her but we are unsure? Mom also thinks that Doreen Platt is the last on the right of the second row from the top. All mom can remember is that she was in the Yellow team? She was also a member of the netball team. Mom is now almost 79 years old. Hope this helps a little.


  8. Mandy Adshead says:

    Sorry I meant to say my Mother Maureen Adams is standing in front of Gladys.

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