Let’s have a butchers


This must have been where the old folks bungalows are today. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.

On Monday, and excellent contribution came in to the blog from reader Brian Clenton – and it’s something I feel many will enjoy, and hopefully spark off a few memories.

Brian sent a bunch of pictures from around his father’s butchers shop – Clentons – that used to stand at 9, Linden Road, just up from anchor bridge. The photos capture the shop and the yard opposite it that would now be where the grassed area with the trees on stands today. Many of the shots show the flats and Lindon Drive estate being built, or in a state of newness.

Note the last shot shows a clear view across what was farmland, over the canal to the Warreners arms before the estate was even built.

Brian had this to say about the pictures:

Hi Bob

I’ve got a few photographs that might be of interest to you.

My father’s Butchers shop was at 9 Lindon Road and the view across the road towards Halls Farm fields before and during the erection of the flats (Wayne House etc.) the view is over where the foundry used to be, just below the Anchor Bridge.

The old blue lorry was Taylor’s Transport from by the Vigo

Best wishes
Brian Clenton

Thanks to Brian for an absolutely fascinating contribution – and the scans are particularly well done.

Please, if you have anything to add – comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


This perplexed me for a bit; I think the hedge has gone these days and that’s Catshill Junction through the trees. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.


Can anyone identify the vehicles, please? Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.


I’ve heard many people mention Clintons, but never seen a good picture before. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.


I find this particularly interesting – that scaffolding looks like it took ages to erect. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.


Everything looks so new – but I don’t remember that fence. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.


The old foundry – now Chandlers Keep – is visible to the front left. Part of that wall in the lower foreground still stands. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.


Look carefully – that’s the Warreners in the background, with nothing but a car, fields and a canal between the Lindon Road and it. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.

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16 Responses to Let’s have a butchers

  1. ivor230240 says:

    I think the yellow truck is a Dodge

  2. Brenda Antill says:

    This is wonderful , so many memories of Clentons butchers , I knew all the family as my mom Violet Taylor worked for them and my husband Charlie Antill used to help them on Saturdays when he was a lad , my good wishes to all the family , Brenda Antill .

  3. FB. lycett says:

    the Taylor truck is a Dodge, probably the one with the 470 AEC engine which Fred Peck had for a while, the Yellow one is an Albion, from the photo angle probably SWB. tipper, colour suggests ex. NCB or an outside shot, Hoveringham Gravel, the car looks like a Standard 8 van with side window fitted.

  4. David Smith says:

    I remember it well, especially as I went to school with Brian. I was also friends with his brother David and worked in his motorcycle shop in Hednesford. They had a great guard dog at the butchers shop, a lurcher called Satan

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    super photos! can we put a date to them, at all? Interesting to see Taylors Transport truck…From Sunnyside, Vigo.Many thanks to Brian
    kind regards
    I think the Anglia car photo..by the canal..is reversed, perhaps

  6. David Evans says:

    you’re magic!
    many thanks

  7. elaine venables says:

    I remember Clentons well used to live in Friezland Lane then Lindon Close. Once left my new baby outside the shop an was halfway home before I realised this was fifty plus years ago

  8. Caz says:

    love these photos. Many thanks to Brian Clenton and you Bob for sharing them. I remember going to this shop and Jack Mansells on the corner of Pauls Coppice for my Mom, but for the life of me couldn’t remember what Clentons shop looked like from outside . I remember Mrs Clenton well from Walsall Wood school and i have this vague memory of going in the shop and their pet dog walking in,from the back and helping itself to a tin of dog food off a shelf and walking back out with it.Can Brian clarify if they had a clever dog like this or did I dream it ? it would have been about 1965-68
    Best wishes Caz

  9. The Lorry is an Albion Riever and the van Austin A55

  10. Ann Roddell says:

    Mrs. clenton, Brian’s mom I would think, was a teacher at my junior school at Streets Corner, in the 1950’s.

  11. Michael Turner says:

    Mom and dad used to live in the house on the corner of Lindon Rd/Chester Rd and always used Clentons….I think his name was Dennis ????….My Grandad, Lewis Whitehouse, used to live in the houses next to Clentons, i think it was 13 or 15, and would never go anywhere else for his meat !!!

  12. Louis Lillywhite says:

    Used to go to school with Brian Clenton and used to visit his home/shop. Photo just as I remember it.

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