So many junk blogs from Walsall LibDems, anyone would think it was election time…

Move along, nothing to see here 🙂

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8 Responses to So many junk blogs from Walsall LibDems, anyone would think it was election time…

  1. Clive says:

    Nice one Mavis.

  2. william churchill says:

    You exaggerate the support for that party by putting an s after dem.

  3. The leaflets I have received here in Wales from this gang have provided very valuable fuel for my wood burner!

  4. Ian Shires says:

    Just a couple of points:
    1 The constituents who raise these issues are not very happy with your comments
    2 I’ve been reporting back on the things that I and our team do each weekend for many months so to suggest that we do this only at election time just isn’t true. In any case I’m not up for election this year.

    • Blimey Ian, you don’t change.

      1. I couldn’t give a toss, and have yet to be contacted by hoards (or indeed, any) of the Willenhall disaffected (unlike yourself)

      2. Your normal background level of posts have turned to double postings, posts just containing pictures of you pointing at things and pointlessly recycled links. I’m not the only person to notice.

      3. Stop writing in the third person. Nobody is conned into believing you have a press officer.

      Toodle pip, the LibDems are going down worse than 1931


    • stymaster says:

      Shit, someone owes me a keyboard.

  5. Mike Stackhouse says:

    have made several comments on That site, and up until the last one which I agreed with what he said. I have always been cut and not one has appeared there.

  6. I just hope that if I have Grandchildren, they never approach me and ask “Gramps, What was a Lib-Dem?”

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