A wonderful discovery

I’m not going to say where from just yet, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise – but local historian and author Clive Roberts has come upon a remarkable cache of local images, the like of which is rarely discovered. It’s local history gold, and I include here just a foretaste of some magnificent stuff to come.

All will become clear later. Stay tuned.

I’ve also had some great photo submissions from readers, including Sir Gerald of Reece (holed up in Devon but late of this parish, soon to return), Shaun Treadwell, the young David Evans, and Julie Le Moine. All are waiting for a free slot and are most gratefully received. Thanks to you all.

Fill your boots.

Brownhills Wharf in August, 1957 – to the right is the Canoe and Outdoor Centre today. Centre right is the remnants of the Roberts Brewery. Ownership to be revealed.

Possibly the best photo I’ve ever seen of the Pier Inn and Iron Bridge that stood at the bottom of Pier Street, Brownhills. May 1958. Ownership to be revealed.

The Grove, or Brownhills Colliery, on the Cannock Extension Canal at Lime Lane. May 1957. Ownership to be revealed.

Catcall Junction Bridge, looking towards Shire Oak. May, 1958. Ownership to be revealed.

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10 Responses to A wonderful discovery

  1. I like all the pics but the first one, to me, is special. We spent so much time there in the fifties. In the field to the right, it looks as if there is a set of goal posts in front on the fence – if so, they were made by Barrie Poxon. That was our football pitch (and much more besides).
    Above the trucks, the bus garage is still there.
    Many thanks Bob, and to whoever sent the photos.

  2. Mike Stackhouse says:

    Why does the football pitch not look as high from this angle as it was coming off the High Street, and Chasewater stuff if you played football with Barry then you also played with Ronnie Cole, Melvyn Burton, John Daft, myself and others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike says:

    Can see council house at top of first picture ?

  4. Andy Dennis says:

    Fascinating pics. What was the funnel-shaped thing at the Grove?

  5. Rob lived in Lindon rd play by foundry bridge and fell in cut there walk to brown hills that way but our dog would no go over iron bridge

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  9. Kathleen groves was Adams says:

    I have walk along here meny a time with my dad when I was a child

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