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A wonderful quick one from reader, friend of the blog, and sometime contributor Ann Cross. Ann, you’ll recall, wrote the wonderful histories of the Royal Exchange in Walsall Wood last year, which provoked so much debate and research.

Ann has kindly supplied a scan of her Grandfather’s 3rd Standard Examination Certificate, contemporary with the notes from the St. John’s School log so wonderfully transcribed by David Evans, and published last weekend.

I thank Ann for her continued fascination and generosity, and also Andy Dennis, who frankly, astounded me yesterday with a wonderful, thorough and beautiful piece of research.

I couldn’t do this blog without the felicity and open-heartedness of the readers, so ready to dedicate time and effort for no financial return. I am forever in your debt. Andy, you always attack these things with such precision and gusto; I’m really really impressed, and can’t really thank you enough.

Ann wrote:

Hi Bob,

Following on from David Evans continuing story of the school, I am attaching a copy of my Grandfather’s school certificate from the same period.  He would have been eleven in the September of that year 1888.

Many thanks to you and David for all your work!

Ann Cross

school cert.

A remarkable thing indeed – scan kindly supplied by Ann Cross. Click for a larger version.


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  1. Dave Edwards says:

    Hello Ann
    More great memories. As you were still in the Exchange in the late 50s, I wonder if you remember my mom & dad. They were Vera & Bill Edwards. She worked in the kitchen making those wonderful hot dogs & dad was occasional barman & piano player. I have lots of good memories of those dayys.
    Dave (EDDY)

    • Ann Cross says:

      Hi Dave,
      I do remember Vera and I can remember all those lovely hot dogs being made in the kitchen at the back! Makes my mouth water now thinking about them! Afraid I can’t remember your dad, but we were sent to bed pretty early back then before the evenings really started. Good times.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    what a wonderful certificate! Thank you Ann….and I echo the thanks to wonderful Andy for his research.

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    the Mr R Sutton , Her Majesty’s Inspector in 1888 ,may have been the same Mr R Sutton who had taken charge of the school in 1880, for a while. (There is a slight conflict in the notes, I think.)

  4. Pedro says:

    Thanks for sharing a lovely piece of history.

  5. kate Goodall says:

    What a wonderful heirloom to have Ann. These kinds of treasures are priceless.

  6. Great – all this meat-on-the-bones of history! The school, the pub. The footfalls of our ancestors in Walsall Wood back and forth to the one, until one fine day they went back and forth to the other, and we can still trace their paths – brilliant.

  7. david oakley says:

    Thank you, Ann, for sharing this with us. A great piece of local history, and in such wonderful condition, too. I am deeply appreciative of the role of the older families in Walsall Wood, who, with a sense of tradition and history, treasured these items and past them down over the years for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. We learn so much in this way.

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