Today, I went to the Chasewater Transport Show that I’d been plugging all week. I must say that it exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I turned up in the early afternoon, and cars were queing to get onto Chasewater down the A5, and overflow parking was being undertaken on the Highfield Farm site. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen Chasewater so busy. It was a delight to the heart.

All the usual stuff was there – classic cars, trucks, motorbikes, military, buses – even a vintage bicycle. There was plenty of entertainment, food and a great fairground. It was good to see the Chasewater Railway get a good headcount, too.

I congratulate the organisers on an excellent event, beautifully executed. There was plenty to see and do, and apart from one of the most remarkably petty acts of petulance by a PCSO, the day passed without a hitch. Fantastic stuff.

It’s nice to see such a great event taking place in Brownhills, and it was wonderful to see the community support it so extensively.

Yes, this is John Williams, black country artist, whose sketches feature in the Express & Star every Saturday. A wonderfully talented man.

Very orange. Very much from the seventies. Very beautifully preserved. Whats not to love?

Lovers of the art of the high-pressure kettle were not disappointed, either...

As usual, there were a great array of characters.

There were a whole range of vintage and classic vehicles, both celebrated, and otherwise.

I loved this MG. Part of the whole thing seems to be getting the accessories just right, like the picnic basket on the rack.

My absolute favourite was this Zephyr. A total period piece, including tartan rug and leopard-print cushion on the back shelf.

Although this one was also rather special...

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12 Responses to Carnography

  1. stymaster says:

    It was a good event, well attended, and some lovely, lovely metal on display. I missed the rather nice orange Escort (mexico?) sadly. Well worth our walk up.

  2. stymaster says:

    You missed this lovely one: OK, it’s American, but even so.

  3. John Bishop says:

    As usual a great day out,and without a “rip off “entrance fee,it make it easier to spash the cash on the food outlets and charity buckets.Only downside,we arrived 11.30 ish and entered the park ,but were directed out again to the overflow car park. Except they had marked the wrong entrance and left the correct one barred. So when you realised,you had missed the turning and had to go down the carriage way and turn around,and rejoin the long line of traffic.Still fair play to the Army Cadets and all the other helpers,”you dun gud.”

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