Going Underground (via Tamworth Time Hikes)

I hope all the people who love the landscape archeology stuff are keeping an eye on Tamworth Time Hikes. I know I keep banging on about it, but this eccentric, entertaining and constantly engaging blog is a constant source of wonder to me. A particular, peculiar and individual blog that continues to surprise and delight, please do keep checking back, it’s wonderful.

Going Underground Having being inspired by this inspiring project in Nottingham, the Nottingham cave survey. A great archaeological project that demonstrates to me be what investigating the past should be all about.  It hasn´t hidden the investigation behind a curtain of academic drabness, they know it´s fun, the bastards, just look at those bikes! There´s something of the kid in all of this looking at past mysteries looking beyond the normal street level everyday … Read More

via Tamworth Time Hikes

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