Aldi post images of likely new Brownhills development, ask for opinion

The view of the new development as seen from about where Costa is on the High Street. Walk would be on the extreme right, Downes Newsagents out of sight to the left. Click for a larger version. Image from Aldi consultation materials.

A very short post I’ve been meaning to do all weekend, but following on from the welcome news that Brownhills is very likely to lose it’s derelict 1960s shopping precinct Ravens Court under a larger brand new Aldi store, the supermarket chain have posted images and a consultation site so the views of the general public can be take – click here to visit it.

Flat elevations: From the High Street and from Tesco car park. Click for a larger version. Image from Aldi consultation materials.

Although Aldi are said to have bough the 12 year derelict site, they have yet to submit a planning application: However images from the consultation answer quite a few questions – but one big one remains: What will be the fate of the old Aldi store?

The suggested new site layout which fully occupies the space Ravens Court currently occupies. Click for a larger version. Image from Aldi consultation materials.

So far feedback has been enormously positive, save for the usual miseries, presumably holding out for a Waitrose. There has been some comment about the potential access from the High Street (note it’s one way – entry to the store car park only) and the fact the the Card Shop, John Taylor Hospice shop, Shoe Zone, and the empty unit next to it will be lost.

It’s believed Aldi will relocate the businesses affected, as they have done in developments elsewhere.

I actually really like the look of this, and I think it will make vacant retail units along the High Street more desirable. Obviously a final plan is yet to be submitted and it will be enormously interesting to see the finer detail of it, and how much it may depart from that suggested here.

Please take part in the consultation, whether you feel positive or critical, it’s all welcome at

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5 Responses to Aldi post images of likely new Brownhills development, ask for opinion

  1. Paul says:

    Always the same with planners never think of the truckers,another totally blind side reverse in,with parked cars ,trolleys,oblivious pedestrians etc to hit.Other than that,cant wait to see it .

  2. Indie says:

    A road there is a definite no no … can you imagine the carnage? Old gals trying to get to the store, the blockage it will cause on the High Street wow. Does nobody think of these things from a shoppers point of view … from a drivers point of view trying to get in that small parking gap with cars backed up behind and then some … from the bus drivers point of view … from the lorry driver trying to get to his next delivery … on time, no chance. Good of Aldi to try, but submit another plan with pedestrian access only, bit like they have now, but better, then you’re talking!!! You are only as good as your weakest link and this plan drips with weak links.

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      See the happy squad are in.

      You realise there’s access from silver Street too?

      ‘Drips with weak links’

      Post your feedback on their site.



  3. Bernard Cartwright says:

    I think Aldi’s plans are very well thought out. I too would scrap the access road from the High Street as the road with its Pedestrian Crossings is always a Traffic Jam anyway which is not helped by the bend at it’s top off the Miner Island. Use the Rear Exit and Entrance Roads off Silver St as with your Deliveries as Tesco, Yourselves B &M and other High St retailers do.

  4. John Rowland Hall says:

    Whatever they do it has to be an improvement. Brownhills high street has only got worse during the past 50 years with the planners making a complete and utter mess since the developments started in the early 1960s

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