Clearance – everything must go!

Well, hello everyone. Long time no post. My apologies: The ever present bad health this year has been very difficult in recent weeks, and I’ve not been able to post. My apologies. But I am backhand on the mend!

Have some great stuff to come from a range of old blog friends like Ian Bourne, Ian Broad, Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler and David Evans, to name but a few. Sorry for the dip in output, and hopefully can get back to it a bit more now. Times have been challenging, but with a following wind, I think some normality can be restored.

On with the show.

I may have been indisposed, but David Evans has been beavering away on project with old friend of the blog and town elder John Bird: John has often sent me stuff to post here on a range of matters, both personally and in his capacity with the Royal British Legion, but what he’s given David to sort out is rather special: It’s a large collection of images of Brownhills housing due for postwar clearance.

So, without further ado, I’ll share the first batch of houses, long cleared from Pear Tree Lane in Brownhills West. They are fascinating. I’ll hand over to David Evans to explain:

On the reverse, written in black, ’36 – 44 Pear Tree Lane Bhills West Grooms, Edgertons, Carters + Fosters’ and in pencil, ‘Rowley, Pegleg James, Thackers, Gillions, Wakelins front Turners back.’ A remarkable image kindly supplied by John Bird.

Hello Bob

Quite recently I received an amazing phone call. Mr John Bird, who is very well known locally for his fine work in the British Legion, invited me to see some photos he was sorting out.

An amazing collection of photos was presented to me. Mr. Bird had worked as Clearance Officer with Walsall Council some years ago and saw these photos that were put to be shredded. He was allowed to take them, so saving the history that they represent and document.

On the reverse, ’36 – 53 Pear Tree Lane, Bhills West Mr Turner (Stiffy) daughters Nell Baker May Sault Elsie Lote.’ A remarkable image kindly supplied by John Bird.

The images date back to the time of Brownhills Urban District Council and are original official photos, each measuring 21cm x 12cm and show properties that were due to be demolished. They also have the locations written in the same handwriting, and some have additional notes. They are a treasure in themselves, especially for the additional information on the reverse of the photos.

I would like to thank Mr John Bird for offering them and the history for us all to appreciate

kind regards

This is really great to be kicking things off with again – previously unpublished photos of a bit of Brownhills many will remember, but has long since gone. My thanks to John Bird for his immense generosity and to David, for scanning and documenting every image. Thanks so much to both gentlemen.

If you have any observations or memories, please do get in touch. Comment on this post preferably, or email me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com – or tug my coat wherever you may find me on social media.

It’s good to be back.

On the reverse, ’36 – 53 Pear Tree Lane Bhills West Mr. Turner’. A remarkable image kindly supplied by John Bird.

on the reverse, ’36 – 38′ crossed out ‘Pear Tree Lane Bhills West James in left 42 + 44’. A remarkable image kindly supplied by John Bird.

On the reverse, ‘Pear Tree Lane 53 Bhills West GABLE END’. A remarkable image kindly supplied by John Bird.

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  1. Martin Littler says:

    When John showed me these photo’s a few weeks ago ,i said these photos are treasures and a lot of People would like to see them and thankfully he as ,thank you John, they are wonderful and thank Dave Evans for putting them all together and not forgetting BrownhillsBob for putting them up on his Blog

  2. Pedro says:

    May 1944 By instructions of the Owner sale of freehold properties 42, 44 and 46, Pear Tree Lane Brownhills. Gross AnnualRental £62 8s Od.

    (Walsall Observer)

  3. Pedro says:

    In the caption for the first picture some surnames appear.

    There are a couple of mentions in the Lichfield Mercury of 1943 of a George Henry Groom, 44, Pear Tree Lane, colliery conveyor loader who worked at the Cannock Chase Colliery.
    1926…Mr and Mrs H Rowley, Pear Tree Lane.
    1954 Evelyn and Barbara Edgerton.

    Other mentions in the Press…
    1929…Harry Whallett.
    1931…John James, No 44
    1933…George Edward Dudley of No 40.

    1966…William Charle Stevens at 38.
    1968 Motor Mowers for sale, 38, Pear Tree Lane.
    1975 Robert Adshead N°46

    • Angie Groom says:

      My great grandad is George henry groom, my dad grew up there they li Ed at 40 pear tree lane, William woodcroft at 44 pear tree lane and 46 war Raymond Frank edgerton

  4. Malcolm farmer. says:

    Dear sir we are developing our family tree and do know that some relatives may have resided at pear tree lane.we would be grateful if you had anything more information on brown hills west.
    We do know that Bakers garage was owned by a relative,and was on ounce a babckery,my farther delivered bread for them his sername was farmer.we also know of the salut family being related to the farmer family.could anyone out there help us establish our tree please.
    Regards Malcolm farmer.

    • Martin Litter says:

      I can remember two Families with the name farmer one was a Business Man lived in Old Town Lane Pelsall name Harry Farmer ,he kept the Sand Hole down Wharf Lane which was the continuation of Whitehorse Road that was back in the 40’s 50’s, another Family (may have been related) lived down Howdles Lane in the old Cotts, long time gone now, I think his name was John (Jack) Farmer and had Daughters May and Jean I think he had a Son but not sure about that ,so they may be related to you ,in those days People lived in the same area for many years and very likely would be related if they had the same surname, good luck with your Family Tree .

  5. andkindred says:

    A Jean Farmer (not sure if same) married a man named Simeon Newman. “Simmie” was a bus driver (Harper’s? The geeen ones). They lived on Watling Street near the end of Howdles Lane, until demolition in about 1967, when they moved to the new estate “up the West”, The had a son, Lawrence, and daughter, Barbara, who would be Councillor Cassidy.

  6. Ian says:

    Bob please take it steady, we’ve been very worried about you.

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  8. Moe Robinson says:

    On the 1851 census my great grandfather, Benjamin Cooper, a Miner, was listed as living on Pear Tree Lane, Rowley Regis. Thank you for showing the images

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