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Sorry folks a bit busy elsewhere at the moment, but something came to light recently I’d just like to point out to readers.

In the Walsall Council Cabinet Meeting of 10th February 2021, a private session was held. This isn’t in itself unusual, as it’s often done to protect confidentiality of businesses, commercial deals and so forth. This is an extract from the agenda for the meeting and private session.

From the agenda to Walsall Cabinet Meeting 10th February 2021.

Now, I have no idea what this is about, or relates to. I am aware of plans for a new square on wasteland in Brownhills, which this *could* relate to, but I’m under the impression that deal was sorted ages ago, and planning permission for that has been granted.

There are some possibly related facts:

  • This is an election year – both for councillors and the West Midlands Mayor.
  • Sitting Labour Councillor Steve Wade is standing in Brownhills, and has a very good reputation locally. The local Tories see this seat as winnable and need it to cement their majority after years of only just forming a majority at council.
  • Andy Street, the current West Midlands Mayor is being pushed very, very hard by our local MP Wendy ‘Wendoline’ Morton and they seem to be trying to push one particular issue in every ward (eg. the phantom new railway station in Aldridge).
  • Andy and Wendoline have made odd noises about the ‘demolition’ of Ravens Court, the derelict shopping precinct that’s been dogging Brownhills for over a decade. The ‘demolition’ phrase is interesting, as that’s new and coined by them (possible expectation management?)

Now I have no idea what the above agenda is about, but Strategic Aquisitions are normally just that: The procurement of land for future development strategy.

This may be, and probably is, nothing to do with Ravens Court.

Surely after a so many years of broken Tory promises on this, they can’t be planning to pull off a stunt here of some sort? If the council is buying it, or obtaining the site in some way, it’ll be interesting to see costs.

I would, of course welcome the loss of the eyesore. But I’m intrigued here.

Our esteemed local MP.

Keep watching. I’m probably wrong. But I have a feeling.

Whilst we’re on the subject of elections, watch out for local Reform candidates (formerly UKIP/The Brexit Party et al) setting up community groups on various social media platforms which seems to be a thing locally, without pointing out their intentions. I find this curious.

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