A journey down the lost canal in pictures

Andy Tidy, otherwise known as the Canal Hunter and creator of the great canal history series on YouTube that I have plugged before here about lost local canals – including our own lost stretch of canal from Ogley Junction to Huddlesford, the Lichfield and Hatherton canal – has published an interesting new video.

This lost line, closed in the 1950s is currently being restored by the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust which will eventually rebuild the waterway through Ogley Locks, Summerhill, Wall and Lichfield near to that other newly rejuvenated gem, Sandfields Pumping Station.

Andy Tidy is of course the proprietor of the Jam Butty, a boat selling preserves that will be recognised by anyone attending a local canal event.

At wall, it’s hard to believe the canal came this way, but you can still see the line if you look hard.

The new video is an archive photo tour along the canal, and can be seen below, really bringing the history alive. I commend it, and the rest of Andy’s wonderful work, to readers.

You can find out more about the Canal Hunter series here in my previous post on Ogley Locks.

Andy Tidy has created a wonderful series that I adore, and You can subscribe here – there are already a lot of great episodes, including one on the lost Slough Arm in Brownhills and all about the Black Cock Bridge which I featured previously here.

My congratulations to Andy for a lovely, beautifully produced and informative series of films. I commend you to subscribe.

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