Can you help identify a local Landy?

This series one may have been owned locally, possibly at Shire Oak Quarry – it was thought to be yellow then; do you recognise it? Image kindly supplied by reader Glenn.

And now, as a famous comedy crew used to say, for something completely different.

I was interested yesterday in comments about me not running an April fool piece here on the blog; whilst I think perhaps, on reflection I might have done, the general absence of such japes in the wider media made me think I’d judged the mood reasonably, but I would like to take folks up on one point made so eloquently by Graham: He asked if there was anything readers could do to help.

Yes there is, please – I need contributions. Short, long, photos – whatever. Please send me stuff in to share. My work is keeping me very busy at the moment but I am keeping the blog running so any help with diversionary material would be lovely. Everything is welcome.

You can mail anything you have to me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Anyway, today we have something rather unusual which is sure to get the petrol (or diesel) head’s motors running – an enquiry into the history of a series one Landrover that could have been owned locally.

Reader Glenn writes from Hampshire:

Hi there Bob!

Hope you’re keeping well!

I came across your blog while doing some research into your local area and I wondered with your local knowledge if you might be just the man to help me!  Also, it was a pleasure to find a good old fashioned blog in these times of Facebook, it was heart warming and reminded me of how the internet used to be in the good old days (the 90s!) 🙂

Anyway, the reason for my email;  I am the current owner of a 1950 Series One Land Rover which I’d like to trace the history of.

I bought her off a lovely old chap in his late 80s, who took her to the Orkney Isles and back! But he also told me he purchased the landy from ‘a man who lived in a quarry and ran a haulage firm near Tamworth’ in the early 1960s. The car was painted yellow then. I’d dearly love to find out which haulage firm and which quarry might have been. I was told by a trucker on Facebook that there used to be a man living in Shire Oak/Brownhills quarry around that time, but I’ve exhausted all my internet leads.

I wondered with your local knowledge and contacts whether you might be able to give me any clues on tires mystery?

All the best,


Well, I guess we are sort of near Tamworth and it’s entirely possible the vehicle was owned locally; but let’s not forget Tamworth is surrounded by quarries – at Hints, Packington and to the south along the tame from Middleton to Kingsbury and on.

If you remember a little yellow Lady locally, this could be the one, though – so what do you know? I do know we have a few vehicle fans in the readership so any help is a boon.

Thanks to Glenn for a lovely, offbeat enquiry and to all who can maybe help. Comment here, tug my sleeve on social media for mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


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6 Responses to Can you help identify a local Landy?

  1. Glenn says:

    Thank you Bob, thanks all!

  2. David Smith says:

    Only Landy I can remember from that time belonged to Mr Smith who had a wood mill in Lichfield Road, down towards the Railway Station.

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I have just contacted a lady who lived by Shire Oak quarry to 1959..She does not recall such a vehicle…so I think we can rule one quarry out…unless the vehicle was that post 1959…
    kind regards


  4. Les Bullock says:

    I remember Mr Smith and his Landy, David Smith
    I was in the same class as his eldest daughter at Ogley Hay Infants and Juniors.

  5. Sheila Norris says:

    Gentleshaw Sand had quarry at Hopwas, near Tamworth. Yellow was the company colour. One employee lived in mobile home on site as caretaker ( Dave Humphries?) Can’t remember having a landrover in fleet of vehicles but making enquiries in family. Is there a Humphries or Jones in the logbook, Glenn? Best wishes, Sheila.

  6. Alan Dawson says:

    NFF registration was issued in Merionethshire from either Bangor or Aberystwyth. Could it have been used by a quarry / forestry commission in North Wales and subsequently came to the Midlands?

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