Oh Christmas tree…

I grabbed a quick picture on Friday, but hope to get a better one soon. Sorry.

If you’re local to Brownhills I’ve no doubt you’ve noticed, but if not, you’ll see that this Christmas, right by Morris Miner on the Tin Man Island in Brownhills, we have what must be our first town Christmas tree for a decade.

This is thanks to the tireless hard work of the Brownhills Christmas Tree Committee – marshalled expertly by Susan Forster and Dawn Hayton, old friends of the blog who have tin rattled, approached businesses, manned stalls at fetes and festivals, counted coppers and dealt with the council.

Thanks are also due to all of you who put money in tins or dug deep to donate in other ways. Way back in spring I posted details of the appeal and so many folk came forward.

This is a really fine example of community power in action and you’re all stars – thank you so much.

The most expensive part was getting the socket and lights connection sorted: In following years less money will need to be raised, but fundraising must continue and the appeal still runs – donations are welcome.

Every time I’ve passed the tree since Friday when the lights went on, I’ve reflected on the hard work and sheer dedication that got it here. I’m immensely grateful to all who made it happen – we’ve come a long way from the horrific fiasco of a few years ago, and that’s just fine.

Once again, thank you all – and merry Christmas!

This shot posted on Facebook by Tom Cavanagh really deserves some kind of award.

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