A military parade – but what, where and when?

Also apposite for the day, this single image from the immense pile of material donated to the blog by Sir Gerald of Reece – and I must say, it has the better of us.

A military parade featuring what appear to be cadets and veterans, carrying British Legion standards. A soldier who seems like a veteran stands to attention in uniform looking on, saluting I think, son or grandson by his side.

This looks like it might be a Remembrance Day parade. It looks like a High Street, but I don’t think it’s Brownhills. The shop in the background is, I think B Hardwick butchers, and the bunting in the window has made me wonder if this is perhaps not Remembrance, but maybe VE Day or a coronation. It’s clearly WW2 or subsequent era from the general appearance of the buildings and people.

Go on, where do you think this is, when was it and more importantly what’s the event?

I’m itching to hear what you think: Comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or yank my sleeve on social media.

Thanks to David and Gerald for a fascinating mystery I’ve been sitting on for ages….

That man in uniform, to attention – is haunting. Image kindly supplied by Gerald Reece. Click for a larger version.

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3 Responses to A military parade – but what, where and when?

  1. Mike says:

    Looks like late 50s to me

  2. That’s a cadet force in the front, surely? ACF or school CCF? If a school, which school, locally?

  3. Mike says:

    Queen Mary’s in Walsall had a CCF at that time but usually they marched at the Walsall cenotaph.

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