All the fun of the fair – but how much can you remember?

This weekend Carters Steam Fair is back in Beacon Park in Lichfield.

All the fun of the fair! Image from Carters Fairs.

Carters Fair is very traditional travelling fair of the type that used to visit Brownhills in days of yore – and of course, Walsall Wood is home to the famous Pat Collins funfair.

I can remember Danters Fair coming here in the 70s and 80s for the carnival.

David Evans watched the showmen setting up in Lichfield this week and made the following observation – and it struck me that we’d never discussed Brownhills or local funfairs (and of course, circuses) much, if at all.

David Evans wrote:

A wonderful image of Carters setting up in Lichfield by Mark Smith.

Hi Bob

I was interested to see the sight of a classic showman’s caravan rolling into Beacon Park, Lichfield this week, which brings back some distant memories of the Brownhills Fair many years ago when I was a toddler.

My grandma’s niece was married to one of the showmen and I can remember climbing up steps to go in the caravan and then going on all the rides… For free!

The man she married was affectionately known as Coconut George and went onto became the wealthy owner of a fairground in the North East.


So, what do you remember of the smell of candy floss, toffee apples, shooting galleries with guns with bent barrels? Of the lights and the Waltzers and loud music? What daft prizes did you win?

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Image from Carters Fairs.

You can find out more about Carters Steam Fair which is in Beacon Park, Lichfield all this weekend 20-21st July 2019 by clicking here.

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  1. there was only one name in brownhills years gone bye for fair grounds PAT COLLINS location was scarrats field and warreners arms his base for repair and of road location was case road brownills te owner and repairer was MR ROBINSON he and his wife had a confectionary shop in high street brownhills by te old coop MR ROBINSON was a public figure and if you have a copy of brownhills carnival he is seen along side bobby sarya leading the carnival iwas a page boy 1935 dad was secratary of the carnival committee i have an orignal canival programe if any one wants a copy happy days

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