Another Brownhills XI

A reminder to readers who may remember Brownhills Cricket Club that Dave Slatcher is still looking for former member s to hold a reunion some point in the future.

As an incentive, former Brownhills cricketer and local teacher Eryl Powell has dug out yet another interesting team photo of a 70s Brownhills XI – the fact that Superalloys chimney is still visible on the skyline behind them will help date this wonderful image, I’m sure.

A 1970s Brownhills Cricket Club team. But who’s here, and when? Image kindly supplied by Eryl Powell.

We’ve covered Walsall Wood cricket a fair bit here over the years, but nothing much about Brownhills which I find surprising.

Former Brownhills Cricket Club member Dave Slatcher is proposing a Brownhills Cricket Club Reunion, which seems like a cracking idea to me.

He wrote:

About time we had a reunion for anyone who played, or was a relative of a former player from Brownhills Cricket Club, please circulate and share, and anyone interested please contact me on

I’ll then collate names to try and sort a date and venue…

You can also find Dave on Facebook here.

In the meantime,

If you have any recollections of either club, or have anything to add, please do comment here, tug my sleeve on social media or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

The local sports clubs were a vital part of our communal history and it would be great top build up more of a history of them. Let’s see if we can…

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  1. Ian Moseley says:

    Hi Bob, fourth from the left on the back row is Bernard Marigold – I think he lost a toe after being hit by a cricket ball during a match one year. A truly decent man Bernard and a friend of our family.I remember if he was mowing his lawn he would often carry on and mow a couple of other people’s as well just to help them out. That was the sort of guy he was. Always had a smile on his face.

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