Irony is dead

It’s not often I get political on the blog these days – local politics is a stagnant mess and national politics is so far beyond satire it’s impossible to make anything out of it. But something popped up in my facebook timeline yesterday that really needs addressing.

‘Bloody hell the Eurythmics have let themselves go’ – I’d like to take credit for that, but it’s the inspired wit of John Leftlung. Meanwhile, I’m concerned that the Mayor seems to be experiencing an unexpectedly textured bout of flatulence.

The screenshot of a Facebook post made on Wednesday, 9th January 2018 by the staff of our member of Parliament, Wendy Morton shows the lady herself and her diminutive pal, West Midlands Mayor Andy Street posing in Brownhills High Street.

Talking effusively about investment in our high streets.

Carefully concealed from view is the derelict, rotting hulk of Ravens Court, the precinct abandoned by its owners seven years ago that is a scar on our town and a seemingly intractable problem.

Now, I’m not foolish enough to think that the council or politicians directly can change the fate of Ravens Court – the story of its dereliction can be found by clicking here. Permission was granted for a new development there last year, but construction seems unlikely to happen considering nobody representing the owners was present at the planning meeting and the subsequent absence of any action onsite.

What I’d like to ask our MP Wendy directly is this (and Andy Street could answer, if he’s available between photoshoots) – when are you going to propose or support legislation to bring absentee and neglectful landlords to account, and make them either keep their properties in use or dispose of them?

Brownhills is blighted by Ravens Court, owned as a property investment by people with no connection to the town. It’s dereliction is meaningless to the owners who do not have to live with it. When is this government going to bring forward law to tackle this blight, with empty buildings decaying in every town in the UK because Councils have no power to bring speculative, land-banking landlords to account?

Scotland is tackling this. Why isn’t the rest of the UK?

The slim power that exists at the moment can easily be avoided by developers gaming the system, and it would not be churlish to think that might be going on in Brownhills. What are your proposals Wendy, as our MP, to deal with this?

Ten years ago we had David Cameron send Mary Portas who was to be the saviour of our High Streets. What happened to that?

The floor is open Wendy. This is a public forum read by thousands of people every week, as opposed to the less than 1,000 who follow you currently on Facebook.

This is your chance. I know you don’t get the time to answer every email, so this is nice and easy: What are you really doing, Wendy?

Update – shortly after publication, Wendy’s staff replied. For some reason, they are not inclined to reply publicly. One can only speculate as to why delaying tactics would be employed on such a simple question.

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5 Responses to Irony is dead

  1. Edwina. says:

    Basically Bob … they aren’t interested, in you, me or our High Street, it is what it is a Political Picture, just to let us know that they do in fact exist and they do traipse around different parts of their “domain” just to let us know!!! What … I have NO idea.

    Surely if they post online. You should have recourse to tackle them online.

    Ahhh well, who am I … nobody in particular, just a voter, bet they remember that come Election Day.

  2. Ivor Sperring says:

    The High street grant probably works out at about £10 in each case!

  3. nospills says:

    Yes, indeed. Land grabbing purely for investment and blocking prime site development should be stopped!
    I quote: “When is this government going to bring forward law to tackle this blight, with empty buildings decaying in every town in the UK because Councils have no power to bring speculative, land-banking landlords to account?

  4. Paul says:

    I suspect they probably consider absentee property investors to be likely Tory voters and as such they would much rather risk upsetting those whom they know they have little chance of securing the vote of.

  5. Adrian says:

    Perfect MP picture with tree sticking out of her head

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