Can you help identify this mystery band with a Brownhills connection?

Reader JD Sharon has been in touch with a mystery photo, and would like to ask readers if they know anything about the band pictured, who look like a fun bunch of lads, I must say.

These lads look like they could get a room dancing. Image kindly supplied by JD Sharon.

JD said

Hi Bob

Found this, my grandad was the drummer – Alfred Haycock from Brownhills.

I’ve no idea who they were but it says Mayfair on the stands … if anyone knows or can help that would be great, thank you!


JD Sharon

I know of course that we have a rich musical history hereabouts – from marching bands to jazz legends, from religious choristry to Black Sabbath – so I’m sure the assembled readership can help here.

If you know anything, please do get in touch: Comment here, tug my sleeve on social media or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers, and thanks to JD for a fascinating enquiry!

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7 Responses to Can you help identify this mystery band with a Brownhills connection?

  1. just to name a fiew more MAYFAIR MELOW CORD may charles on the piano harry broad way on drums len jone acodion JIMMY NEENAN ERNI FLETCHER MADAM BROOSE EDY DAVIES mc TEDDY BOLTON AND JACK SEEDHOUSE friday night no band music was an old phasion gramaphone for us teen agers the beging of jitter bug saturday night more adult and formal waltz fox trot and quick step INTERVAL HARTSHORNE CAKES AND TEA WITH LIL PERRY stridtly no

    booze oor locked at 10 TO PREVENT DRINKERS FROM THE RAILWAY TAVEN BRINGING DRINKTO THE DANCE the MEMO was part of my life old time with sal gripton on the floor wit the grand bar lancers

  2. just a few more memories DADDY CLIFF VIOLIN THE FLOOR KEPT IN PRESTINE CONDITION BY FRANK BIGGINS WITH HIS FLAKED CANDLE DRESSING by the way face on the left looks familiar is it any chance grandad geoph bless him

  3. Norman Brian Fenton says:

    My Uncle George Fenton Played The Trumpet Them Were The Good Old Days.

  4. Davefenton says:

    The trumpet player is my uncle George Fenton. Moved to Telford in the 70’s. He played with many big bands including Joe Loss and his orchestra. Loved his dance bands.

  5. May Musgrave says:

    The trumpeter player is my beautiful dad it s his birthday tomorrow this has made my day

  6. Geof Harrington says:

    The band was led by Joe Philips,violin, George Whitehead,piano, George Fenton,trumpet,Fred Haycock,drums, and Eddie Rowley on pianoacdion. There main venue just before the war was the Chase town Institute, long gone, was right opposite the bowling green at the bottom of the chase.

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