A public service announcement…

Right folks quick update for readers.

Stuff’s a bit slow right now.

I have a bit of a problem at the moment in that the weekend I need to do my end of year financial shit for the bean counters at work, Tumblr decides to go loco and I need to move 365days to another service as a backup. (Long story. Basically Tumblr are deleting adult content and so far in my 5000-post journal, their obscenity detection bots have flagged 20 images as being adult: 12 of bits of architecture, 4 mushrooms, 3 of apples 1 of a brake pad) – and due to the way they’re doing this the whole journal could be lost if I’m not quick.

So in short I’m a bit too busy to blog. There will be stuff. just not on any kind of normal schedule.


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